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Vietnamese/Thai with outdoor seating in DC/NOVA?

Anyone have a rec for a good Vietnamese/Thai spot with outdoor seating available? I've been to a few great places in Seven Corners area, but never one with outdoor area. Thanks!!

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  1. Sawatdee in Courthouse Plaza in Arlington has outdoor seating and some of my favorite Thai in the area. In terms of Vietnamese, Minhs on Wilson Blvd. has outdoor seating. Nam Viet (Arlington location) seems to have an area designated for it but the seating has yet to be set up as of a few days ago.

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      I second this post. Nam Viet does have outdoor seating - and outstanding food - but call to check if it's set up yet.

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        Nam Viet DID have outdoor seating before that building went up. Are they bringing it back? Also Viet Gardens, as DCS mentions.

        In Reston, Thai Towne (awful name) has a small patio and their food is a bit above average.

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          Nam Viet still has outdoor seating on the same side in an alcove under a small overhang of the new building. It is not as cozy or attractive as the old outdoor seating. Then again, the old seating basically looked out to a giant parking lot. The food is still good, however.

    2. Thai Peppers on Mt. Vernon Ave in Alexandria has outdoor seating.

      1. Regent on 18th St has outdoor seating.
        part of the reason I love it, because even if it's a little brisk outside, they have those tall heaters if needed,

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          Great news about Regent! I have been meaning to try that place based on some reviews here and, as I live in G-town, it's super convenient. Thanks to all....

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            It's good, but please update us :)

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            I 2nd Regent. Their food and drinks are both really good. And the service is friendly

          3. In Clarendon, the following Vietnamese restuarants have outdoor seating:


            Little Viet Garden

            Nam Viet

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              I second Minh's with the outdoor seating and heartily recommend the food there. It's really good.

            2. In the Eastern Market/8th St area there is Old Siam. I really like their Thai food...especially their curry and Rama Lama Long Song. I eat lunch there about once a week and in warm weather they have outdoor seating with umbrellas.

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                So, I have to ask... have you actually had authentic Thai food before? Because I can't imagine a good authentic Thai place would have a dish named "Rama Lama Long Song", and I think this is the second time you've raved about this dish here. What is it exactly?

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                  What -- Asian restaurants can't have a little fun with their menus? One of my old favorites in New York (sadly, now closed) was Fujiyama Mama. I fondly recall names like "Ungai A La Mode" and "Mama Know Best Kushi-Yaki."

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                    I've not had it and can't remember exactly where I've seen it but I'm pretty sure I've seen it at a few decent places. I think the real name is ever so slightly different, with the first word actually being something else (and longer), but as most dish names change slightly, it could actually be that somewhere. I'm guessing it's a dish first named in honor of one of the king's Rama - but that's just a wild guess.

                    Actually - decided to google before posting - and here you go: http://www.chetbacon.com/thai-html/Ph...

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                      Thank you! And for the record I wasn't saying its the best, straight out of Thailand, Thai cuisine. But it's consistantly good....especially for the area. And the staff is friendly and it's reasonably priced with out door seating.

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                      YES I've had authentic Thai food many times in many different cities...so thanks so much for asking.

                      And I just double checked the menu and its actually called Rama Longsong...for some reason in my head it keeps coming up as Rama Lama Long Song...it sounds more fun. :)

                      The menu decribed the dish as the following: Boneless chicken sauteed with yellow curry on a bed of steamed spinach topped with peanut sauce.

                      Nothin' wrong with that!!!! And if you are in the area its one of the better restaurants. Especially for lunch with the dish is only $7.50 and you can get mango iced tea or a frozen drink.

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                        Sorry; re-reading my post, it may have come across harsher than intended. Praram Long Song (aka Rama Long Song) is a legit Thai dish... Rama Lama Long Song, though--that's too close to Moons Over My Hammy for me to take seriously a place that had a dish named that, so I just wanted to know if it was a real Thai dish, or just some Americanized novelty dish.

                  2. kanlaya... in chinatown... great thai food right behind the verizon center... and they have tables for outdoor seating...

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                      I second that recommendation--I was just going to suggest it. Website looks kind of ghetto but check out the menu at http://www.kanlayathaicuisine.com/index1

                    2. Well, we tried Regent Thai for the first time last night and found the following:
                      outdoor area - very nice, was crowding up by 745-8. Cool scene with great people watching.
                      service- excellent. Our waiter was attentive and friendly.
                      food - sadly, I was a little underwhelmed. While the Pad Thai was very good, I thought the fied basil rice w/pork was gelatinous and bland. We had a duck salad that was fairly good and was a healthy portion.
                      Thanks to all for their insights, we've clearly got more options to try.

                      1. Buildings are springing up like weeds in Clarendon and I haven't cruised up Wilson Boulevard in a few months. Someone mentioned a new building taking the outdoor dining space of one of the Vietnamese restaurants there. I can't keep the names straight. Is that the one that was down the block from Hard Times? They used to have a nice outdoor space that actually looked like it was designed for outdoor dining, not just a few tables stuck outside on a nice day.

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                          You must be thinking of Little Viet Garden. They still have their outdoor seating and parking lot. I believe there are more seats outdoors than indoors. I fear that whole block is doomed, however. The folks at the British Store (between Hard Times and Little Viet Garden) tell me redevelopment is in the cards for that block. Every year, it seems, they rip a little bit more of the soul out of Clarendon.

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                            Yes, I'm pretty sure it's Little Viet Garden I'm thinking of. That's kind of the "downscale" side of the street with Hard Times and Little Viet Garden anchoring the block, and there used to be a Red Hot and Blue in the middle (became Clare & Don's, which has since moved out). The fancier places like Boulevard Woodgrill are across the street.

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                            I was at Nam Viet earlier this week and they had their outside seating set up. It was a little cool for my liking to seat outside and it maybe wasn't the most picturesque setting, but it will be fine for eating outside as it gets a bit warmer.