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May 2, 2007 09:12 AM

Getting rid of fish smell after cooking...

Apologies in advance if this is on the wrong board.

I'm trying to be all health conscious, which (for me) means eating more fish. But I'm really grossed out by the lingering smell after I've cooked the stuff. I live in a relatively small condo, and even coming home the-day-after, the apartment continues to smell like cooked fish. I don't like it. How can I get rid of this very persistent smell (open windows and stove fan aren't enough)??

Thanks -

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  1. I'm not sure how you can get rid of the smell, but I do know that you can soak the fish in milk for a few hours and it should take the smell away from it when you cook it. I don't know if that's dependent on the type of fish or any other conditions though, but it's worth a try.


    1. Make some coffee after you wash the dishes, the cutting boards and the counters (and anything else the fish has touched). Grind from whole beans for best effect.

      1. Very easy. Put out a small bowl of white vinegar on drainboard when you leave the kitchen. Et voila next day smells gone.

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        1. re: Mother Hubbard

          I second this suggestion. I find it works for many kitchen odors, though it takes a little time to work.

          1. re: ivanova

            I actually learnt this method from another post in Chowhound, and it works great!

          2. re: Mother Hubbard

   do you get rid of the vinegar smell?

            1. re: AngelSanctuary

              I put the vinegar in a small jar that has a cap on the kitchen counter. After I cook the fish, I open the jar and somehow the vinager is able to magically "get rid of the fish smell". Once I only smell vinegar I will just close the cap. Then the vinager smell disappears in a few minutes.

                1. re: acgold7

                  Yes, cheddar goldfish do have their own distinct scent, don't they? ;-)

              1. re: Mother Hubbard

                I've mixed white vinegar with water and simmered it on the stove for awhile. I hate the smell of cooked fish and really dislike eating it, but my ex-husband and ex-boyfriend loved it, so getting rid of the smell was a priority to me.

                The vinegar smell always reminds me of coloring Easter eggs!

                1. re: tracylee

                  You are hilarious! I just read your post about your ex's liking fish. This was great! I too hate fish, and the smell :)

              2. I light a vanilla-scented candle or two for the rest of the evening.

                1. Many candle places have "Kitchen Candles" that seem to take the smell out of the air. I always have a Bath & Body Works Vanilla candle burning after cooking fish. It doesn't overpower eating the fish, and is a gentle enough scent to not be overpowering in and of itself.

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                    1. re: LindaWhit

                      I think an unscented candle may work as well, because burning it should consume the scent, shouldn't it? But yes, a kitchen scented candle will work.

                      1. re: lifeasbinge

                        Candles didn't work on halibut!Disguised the odor, didn't take away. Trying the white vinegar now.