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May 2, 2007 08:36 AM

Downtown TO: Suggestions for group dining?

Hey gang,
We’re looking for a place to celebrate a friend's 30th birthday in downtown Toronto. Can you suggest a restaurant that meets the following conditions...?:
* Able to seat 15-20 on a Saturday night
* Near nightlife (Queen W, King W, College St, etc.)
* Reasonably priced (not too high end)
* Not a chain (i.e., not Alice Fazooli’s, etc.)
* Able to offer a la carte ordering (i.e., no fixed menus)
Thanks for any and all suggestions!

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  1. Brant House
    Upstairs at Coca
    Queen Mother
    Monsoon [had a great work do there]
    I am sure Seoul City could do it
    Kultura [although it is East]