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May 2, 2007 08:36 AM

Mulberry Season?

One of the other boards someone posted about mulberries. I am curious to try these and assume that any production would be small scale, ie, something I'd see at a farmer's market rather than Safeway. One post mentioning them was at the end of May, another in June, another in August. So, when have they appeared at local farmer's markets? Preferably Berkeley or Oakland, though Ferry Plaza would be do-able.


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  1. In years past, Fairview had them at Ferry Plaza at the end of May, beginning of June. However, Fairview hasn't shown up yet and is not listed under farmers on the Cuesa site so who knows.

    1. Happy Quail Farm will have them this summer. It really depends on the weather as to when they'll truly be available. The farm is in East Palo Alto, and he doesn't pick until they are ripe and ready to go.
      Usually I am able to rely on HQF for my mulberry fix, they are around $6 a pint, I believe and you can get them at the SF market and sometimes in Marin. Call ahead and they may hold some for you.
      *these are the deep purple mulberries, not the white ones. I've found the white variety at FM's as well, but I'm not as jazzed about them. Although Rainbow has them dried and they're great in oatmeal.

      1. You might look / ask around and see if any of your neighbors has a tree. Anyone who does probably has way more than they can use during the short season.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          The ones on my tree are ripening up right now. Robert is right, there are far too many to harvest and the birds get most of them. What do you want them for? They're a little long on sweet and short on flavor for my taste.

          1. re: peashoot

            If you get the word out to the Persian community, your tree will be surrounded by ladders and buckets... The mulberry is one of those delectables that touch the homesick portion of many a Persian's soul. When available in LA, people are lining up at the local farmers markets before the stands even open...

            1. re: peashoot

              I'll take some of your mulberries. They're good candied in syrup, or with ice cream.

              1. re: peashoot

                I read about them and am curious to try them. It might turn out to be something I really like, or it might be something I try once and discover that's enough.

                I put a request on my local freecycle, am hoping to hear back but nothing yet.

                1. re: peashoot

                  The mulberries I've had have been the most amazing berry ever. I cannot imagine not getting excited about enjoying them every summer. Long, dull purple and often covered with a thin, papery husk they are like candy and coveted by many folks I know.
                  Granted the best I've had have come from a single tree in Sonoma, where the heat works wonders, but David's from Happy Quail are great in a pinch. I can always pick out a few truly ripe berries that fuel my fix.
                  Where is your tree? Wait for the dead heat of summer and have a u-pick, you'd make a mint.

                    1. re: peashoot

                      Where are you located? If we arrange a u-pick, you can count me in!

                      1. re: peashoot

                        Do you have a Persian/black mulberry tree? If so, I agree with others that they are some, if not the, most delicious berry I've tasted. My tree (in SoCal) has little green mulberries forming, but they won't be ripe until July. The Persian mulberries at the farmers markets around here also aren't ready until July, which makes me wonder if yours is the same variety.

                        1. re: emily

                          There are supposed to be three varieties, for what it's worth. Black and red are most prime, and white are supposed to be not as good, insipid is what I've read.

                          1. re: Louise

                            My friend's tree has delicious black fruit.