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May 2, 2007 07:20 AM

Help needed in Douglasville, GA

Dear Atlanta friends,

I have a work obligation this Friday-Saturday which takes me to Douglasville overnight (I live in East Point but have to stay over in the area...odd but true). Where can I have dinner? I'll be by myself and would love to have a decent meal (don't want to drive back into town Fri. evening).

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  1. You must go to Gumbeaux's it is great cajun cooking. I think it is on Broad St.

      1. re: Katj

        Hi, thanks for the link to discoverourtown and the Gumbeaux's recommendation. Will be flying out from California to re-discover Georgia, Douglasville and the Atlanta area in mid July. Ah that heat and humidity, no problem... Thanks again.