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nicer latin american in nyc

i'm looking for a nicer latin american restaurant in manhattan. i prefer mexican or nuevo latino - think pujol in mexico, df. no frozen margaritas or burritos as big as my head, please.

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      Hell's Kitchen is good (the restaurant, not the area)

    2. Love love love Barrio Chino on Broome...

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        Ditto, ditto, ditto!!!!!!!!!! I also vote for: Cuba (West Village...don't get it confused with Havana Alma de Cuba)

      2. You may want to try out Calle Ocho on the UWS. It's neuvo latino. Love their cassava (?) cheese puffs they serve instead of bread.

            1. I've had mixed experiences there, but Suenos might be worth a try.

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                I've also had mixed experiences at Suenos and Rocking Horse Cafe, both in service and food. I remember once at Rocking Horse Cafe, even though we had a reservation, we were kept waiting for almost an hour. They didn't comp us anything. Because we were a group of eight, it was hard to leave and find another place on a Friday night.

              2. Lucy Latin Kitchen on ~19th b/t Park South & Broadway is a nice place. The food is not the greatest ever and is a little pricey, but the drinks are nice (get the mojito sampler--excellent value) and there's a cool atmosphere.

                1. There really isn't anything equivalent to Pujol in NYC that I know of. I like Miss Needle's suggestion of Calle Oche. That restaurant at least thinks along the same lines.

                  Cafe Frida (also on the UWS) sort of goes the nuevo approach, too, on a smaller scale. The space is not as attractive as Calle Ocho's.

                  1. Sofrito - first name that comes to mind; it's been on my to-try list for far too long, but I've heard nothing but positive/glowing reviews. On the UES, yet extremely reasonable prices and great Puerto Rican food...

                    1. Ah, I'm eating at Pujol in a couple weeks. I'm not sure that NYC has a restaurant quite like that.

                      I can't personally vouch for Crema Restaurante since I've never eaten there but it looks like it has potential.


                      Neither Mexican nor nuevo latino, but Urena might also be an option. The cuisine is creatively Spanish influenced and the chef is Dominican. The room is a little staid but the food is vibrant.

                      My take on Urena:

                      1. I've not been to Pujol, but you might want to consider Pampano:


                        1. Try cafecito on Avenue C btw 11th and 12th...just had it for the first time today. Hands down, the BEST Cuban I've had in the city...maybe in the country. Make sure to try the tres leches cake.