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May 2, 2007 06:56 AM

Options for 250 person retirement party - north of Boston?

Most likely September this year. So far we can only think of Colonial in Wakefield and Spinelli's on Rte 1. To me the Colonial looks and feels too much like the function hall it is. Does anybody have any experience with Danversport Yacht Club? Thanks in advance for thinking about this. I guess I'm hoping someone went to a place that pleasantly surprised them.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The Crane Estate, Castle Hill, Ipswich MA

      You will need to use one of their tent vendors and pick from their caterers list.

      Primo location, primo property, bring the "Off", bring a 2nd mortgage

      1. Andover Country Club: I haven't been, but several coworkers have and said they did a very nice job with the function they attended.

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          We checked it out several years back as a possible wedding venue. The site was quite pretty but the folks there acted as though they would be doing a favor by taking our money. I don't know if Cambridge is on your radar but we were married in the courtyard of the Charles Hotel and had the reception in the ballroom. Exquisite food, wonderful venue and one of the few places with capacity for the size of event we had (325).

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            Completely understand on the people you met at ACC. I would want someone working *with* me, not someone who was only looking for payment and didn't really care about making your event special. Since I haven't been there, I could only report what several coworkers said. (Both whom I trust on atmosphere, food, and service.)

            I love the idea of the Charles Hotel. Elegant and understated.

        2. I haven't been here but I ran across it while recently searching for wedding venues.

          I know someone who booked her wedding here and got a good deal b/c it is new. It opens later this month.

          1. We attended a wedding here a few years ago. It's a lovely spot. The wedding was not catered by the house It's in Ipswich:

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              The Hellenic Center smells like a moldy old shower curtain...

              1. re: ipsofatso

                I have many experiences at the HC & have never found that smell comment to be true. It is a beautiful place & has a nice lawn area and big back porch if you wanted to have some of the event outdoors. Both HC and The Tavern on the Harbor are catered by Vinwood in Ipswich who have catered probably a dozen weddings I've been to (including my own) and are always consistently delicious. The Commons in Topsfield is also really lovely and is contracted by Vinwood.