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May 2, 2007 05:44 AM

Looking for AMAZING Chinese in Lexington, KY?

Then look no further than Panda Garden on New Circle Road (between Broadway and Russell Cave). It's a good sign when even the English menu (yes, they have a Chinese menu, too) is in Chinese! It's an even better sign when 3 out of your group of nine are from mainland China, and they all RAVE about the place. Panda Garden is where they go for special celebrations. Avoid the buffet completely; sit down at a big round table in the back and order from the menu--you won't be disappointed! Try to go with a big group so that you can sample lots of things. We had fantastic veggie dishes, cod cheek soup (subversively spicy), and beef and chicken dishes that were unlike ANYTHING you'll find at the local Fast Wok. A blessing and a curse to going with native Chinese is that they took care of ordering (in Chinese), so the food was SPECTACULAR, but I couldn't tell you what any of the entrees we had were called! But that's the beauty of Panda Garden--it's a pretty safe bet that anything on the menu is delicious. Go when you're feeling adventurous. Prices: $6.95-$13.95 per entree for lunch. They're open for dinner, too. Four stars out of four.

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