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May 2, 2007 05:19 AM

New Board - Vegetarian & Vegan

I would love to see a new Vegetarian board to deal menu planning, sharing recipes , best cookbooks etc.

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  1. Why not just post on the Home Cooking board, and note in your post titles you are interested in vegetarian options.

    1. i think you might be out of luck for now, although i would love to see a vegetarian/vegan board-- see this discussion of splitting up the midwest board further-- apparently there are many technical difficulties with forming new boards at this time-- the mods say taint gonna happen.

      ChinoWayne's suggestion should work, although a lot of posters who would check in with a specifically vegetarian/vegan board on chowhound might miss your thread-- similar to posting a kosher-related thread on the home-cooking board instead of the kosher thread. . . but i'd bet you'd still get some good responses.

      1. If not a board for vegetarian cooking I'd love a global vegetarian/vegan board much like the Kosher Board. It wouldn't need posts split off from anywhere, it could just begin anew.

        1. I'm not sure why, but I dont' really like the idea of a vegetarian board. I find wonderful suggestions from many folks I presume are not vegetarians over on the Home Cooking board. I'd be concerned that many of them wouldn't venture over to a Vegetarian board. And I think it would be difficult to figure out where to post certain things. For instance, do I post my sweet potato gratin question on Home Cooking, or vegetarian?

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          1. re: debbiel

            i think you bring up a good point, debbiel. i too have swapped tips on the home cooking board with veg and non-veg types about favorite recipes that happen to be vegetarian, there is a lot of crossover!

            i think that most recipes would still belong on the home cooking board (favorite desserts, best veggie sides, etc), but a vegetarian/vegan board would serve people with a specific cooking interest, similar to the kosher board. i think posters who share an interest in veg cooking (whether veg or non-veg) would readily check into a veg board, and it could be used for veg-specific posts, such as "best veggie burger recipe" or "how can i make my grandma's muffin recipe vegan?" that would get buried on the home cooking board-- a veg board would be much easier for less-frequent posters to access items pertaining to their main cooking and eating interests. again, i don't think this board will happen for technical reasons, but i can see how it would be a great resource for everyone interested in veg cooking. as it stands without a veg-specific board on chowhound, i think the site loses a lot of veg posters to food boards that are specifically veg, like ppk.

            1. re: soupkitten

              Good points Soupkitchen. I guess perhaps I could live with a veggie board.

          2. The original comment has been removed