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May 2, 2007 02:58 AM

Romantic dining in/near Mystic, CT?


any ideas?

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  1. you might consider the copper beech inn in ivoryton. it's about 40 minutes from mystic and well worth the trip.

    here's a link:

    1. Just east of Mystic is Stonington, a beautiful old New England village on the water. In the center of town is a place called Noah's, which is a cozy little dining spot with excellent seafood, as well as a good wine list.

      1. Would recommend Stonecroft Inn in nearby Ledyard CT. We were there recently. Great food, service, and ambiance. One of the nicest dining experiences you will find in this area. Check out their web site for more details, directions and a menu.

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          Close by -- GOING WEST from Mystic? I hope. Because east of Mystic is a strange area for me, except I notice the highways open up and speeding comes more natural for me. must be some relationship between speed of car and space' that exists on highway. I may speed more, going 95 north between exit 85 in CT then into RI up to Exit 10 or 15 than the combined over the speed limit between the rest of the time. ahem, except for the killingly stretch of 395

          Sorry for sidebar

          5 Minutes - BRAVO, BRAVO

          Ear plugs a must for din. I don't mind LOUD as long as there's a steady bossanova beat to it. Either they need to upgrade their beats and drown out din or gets some accoustic tile. Other than that -I'm super keen on this place and I think late in the night ( a 9pm rezzie) you could have a nice, romantic dinner.

          20 Minutes: ????

          Good question. Although going west in the 20 minute range is perplexing. You have Olio and AZU right there. Great choices in a snowthrow's range

          30 Minutes

          Cafe Routier. The lounge portion. Small plates, diverse nibbles. Dining room is cool, but why drink Pepsi, when you can have Dr. Pip. There's a big booth in the back that they will reserve for a party of two. It's THE GODFATHER booth. The best romantic meal I've had in a long time.

          40 Minutes:

          Madison Beach. Walk down east wharf in summer while you park in 'three spots' by Madison Beach Club (there's a top secret three spots) then swing by Taste of China for chinese pilsner and the very best chinese food on shoreline or MARU in that cursed Hungry Lion building- tremendous Maki and Sushi rolls. Clean and upbeat wait service.

          60 Minutes:

          Ibiza. If you get there, it'll be worth the trip. Promise!!!!

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            Going east I'd go w/Up River Cafe in Westerly RI.

        2. I'm a local, and I think the best place to eat in Mystic is the bar at the Captain Daniel Packer Inne. Great food, nice ambiance. I agree with other commenters that Bravo Bravo is noisy but good atmosphere and great food. Azu is good too, run by the same people as Bravo Bravo, but has more small dishes, salads, is a little more casual.

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            You could try the Seamans Inn , its located in the Seaport but has street access and a parking lot right across the street. ( Hope this helps, Earle

          2. I would not recommend the Seaman's Inne, I think it's a tourist trap. You are much better off at Bravo Bravo or Captain Daniel Packer Inn. They both have very good food. For romantic atmosphere, I'd choose Daniel Packer Inn. Although also small, Anthony J's is nice too for atmosphere although the food itsn't as good as Bravo and Daniel Packer.

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              I also say thumbs down on the Seaman's Inne. I personally have never had a good meal there. A friend went to their taven for lunch a month ago. He requested a reuben on a different bread than pumpernickle. He was told that was impossible because the sandwiches were made up the day before!