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Best Souffle in LA and OC

I used to love the chocolate souffle and chocolate cake at L'Orangerie. Who else makes great souffles and chocolate cake?

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  1. mr. stox in anaheim or ritz in newport beach

    1. Bistro Garden in Studio City has great souffles.

      1. Morton's has great souffles. I think what does it for me is that heavenly cream they serve with it.

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          Thank you all for the suggestions....keep em coming:)

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            Bistango in Irvine - chocolate souffle or grand marnier souffle and different sorts of fraiche creme's and sauces to accompany - yummy!!

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              I agree on Bistango:) Love their rack of lamb, silveroak wine, and souffle afterwards. A tad too sweet, brings the alcohol straight to my head!

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            Oh my god it's true. Haven't been there in eons -- but man was that chocolate souffle good.

          3. i second arnie morton's!!!!!

            1. Chocolate or Moustache has pretty good souffles

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                Agree. I wish the chocolate flavor was a little more intense, but I love the slightly crisp texture. Also like that they'll do a half/half with chocolate and grand marnier.

              2. Roy's. There's one in NB & LA.

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                  Is that really a souffles? I think of that more as a lava cake and what's served at Morton's as a souffle.

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                    Whatever it is, I love it. That's some dang good chocolate.

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                      I agree -- it is tasty. We had our rehersal dinner at the Roy's in Las Vegas and they gave us a little kit to make one at home.

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                    Have had Roy's. Reminds me of our trip to Bora Bora where the hotel restaurant served a similar molten chocolate cake with Tahitian vanilla icecream:)

                    1. La Cachette

                      Hands down the best.

                      1. Definitely Arnie Morton's!

                        1. I liked the souffle at Off Vine in Hollywood. It's an old house converted into a restaurant, not too sure about the food though.

                          1. I think the souffle at Tam O'Shanter is the best I've had; plus, they come around with a huge bowl of whipped cream to top it; yum! Each night is a different flavor, plus they have their incredible prime rib...

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                              I'm glad you mentioned the Tam O'Shanter one...I haven't been there in a couple of years, but I always order the souffle for dessert. I remember the fact you had to order it at the start so they could make one for you.

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                                Yum, souffle AND prime rib AND creamed corn in one sitting?? That could be my last supper:)

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                                  For those who recommended Morton's, which location do you mean? Isn't Arnie Morton's different from other Morton's?

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                                    The one I've had it at multiple times (and it was delicious) is Morton's on La Cienega.

                                2. Hotel Bel Air for souffle and/or cake...[sigh]...divine.

                                  1. aiy..the days of L'Orangerie. I loved that souffle and tarte tatin.

                                    Agree with the LaCachette and Hotel Bel Air recommendations. Heavenly.

                                    I'd add Arroyo Chophouse (grand marnier, or chocolate); Spago (seasonal - but the pumpkin and rasberry makes the knees weak)

                                    Smaller ones -- Roy's, Grand Lux Cafe, Moonshadows, and Matsuhisa/Nobu. Btw, the ones at Whole Foods which you can heat up and serve yourself are not bad either (esp when topped with vanilla ice cream); TJ's has them, too, but aren't as comparable, are already in their own forms (not ramekins). Also, there's the chocolate bread pudding at BBQ Wood Ranch that's really like more like a souffle to me. I've also heard the lemon souffle at Jiraffe is good, but haven't had it.

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                                      Sigh, not only will I miss the souffle at L'Orangerie, but I think the greater loss is their delectable egg caviar appetizer.

                                      I could make a meal of just that egg caviar and souffle ... cholesterol heaven!

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                                            I think the secret to L'Orangerie's amazing souffle and their divine chocolate cake is their luxurious french chocolate. Does La Cacchette or any other place use this kind of chocolate as well?

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                                              Don't know what L'Orangerie was using, but La Cachette uses Valrhona chocolate in their souffles.

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                                          I miss the egg caviar appetizer too, but they have a similar one at Melisse that is very good.

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                                          Must try all your recs. What else is good at La Cachette, Arroyo Chophouse and Hotel Bel-Air?

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                                            La Cachette and Hotel Bel Air focus on French food, and fresh market ingredients, but they are different in terms of preparation, style, service, and general ambience. Hotel Bel-Air is fancier in setting (and some might call it stuffy), and the food can be phenomenal (smoked salmon appetizer is a must) or just basic and really well-done (cold pea soup with truffle oil). Desserts are always mind-blowing. I also love the fact they have a dark, romantic lounge adjacent to the dining room. Piano player is a friend -- he knows all requested songs by heart. Al fresco seating is also fantastic.

                                            I've been to LaCachette less than Hotel Bel Air's dining room, but I've always loved it when I am there. Service is very personal, chef may converse with diners. Dish substitutes are also honored. I love the foie gras there, in any form. I also like just choosing an array of the appetizers there. Salads are delish. The seafood entrees are a good bet, as are the meatier dishes. Many specials daily, which I usually like to get :-) Desserts are also uniquely done.

                                            Arroyo Chophouse .. the name kinda says it. Steak. :) I'm not a big meat eater, so that's probably why I think the best part is the souffle. =D ooh..and the lemongrass sorbet, served in a wine glass.

                                            1. re: chica

                                              Ooooh, how decadent, foie gras and souffle in one evening:) Tonight, my personal gourmet chef aka my husband, prepared a mind-blowing New Zealand rack of lamb with a killer rosemary and garlic sauce. He puts most French restaurants to shame. La Cachette, Hotel Bel Air, and Arroyo Chophouse now on my list of must-dos.