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May 1, 2007 11:35 PM

Best Souffle in LA and OC

I used to love the chocolate souffle and chocolate cake at L'Orangerie. Who else makes great souffles and chocolate cake?

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  1. mr. stox in anaheim or ritz in newport beach

    1. Bistro Garden in Studio City has great souffles.

      1. Morton's has great souffles. I think what does it for me is that heavenly cream they serve with it.

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        1. re: marc949

          Thank you all for the suggestions....keep em coming:)

          1. re: xanderjoon

            Bistango in Irvine - chocolate souffle or grand marnier souffle and different sorts of fraiche creme's and sauces to accompany - yummy!!

            1. re: dshm

              I agree on Bistango:) Love their rack of lamb, silveroak wine, and souffle afterwards. A tad too sweet, brings the alcohol straight to my head!

          2. re: marc949

            Oh my god it's true. Haven't been there in eons -- but man was that chocolate souffle good.

          3. i second arnie morton's!!!!!

            1. Chocolate or Moustache has pretty good souffles

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                Agree. I wish the chocolate flavor was a little more intense, but I love the slightly crisp texture. Also like that they'll do a half/half with chocolate and grand marnier.