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May 1, 2007 10:05 PM
Discussion has been blocked/filtered by Websense

My company runs websense software,

Specifically, this software filters, blocks, censors, etc. sites that the company does not want us to visit for whatever reason. I forgot the reason the software gave, probably because chowhound is a personal website, forum, or chat forum, message board, or something like that. I hate it.

BUMMER! Can not longer surf this site a work @#$@#$%@$#@#$#()*(*(^%$%^$!!!!!


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  1. I've heard the Google Web Accelerator is a good workaround for websense.

    I haven't tried it. And it might not prevent you from getting nailed by
    your IT department.

    1. I have no idea what filter my work uses, but it allows, but not is blocked as entertainment. It ends up messing up the formatting of the pages (which I hypothesize must be on the side). I can still read stuff (despite the wacky formatting) but can't post. Does that make me more productive? Hmm...