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May 1, 2007 09:55 PM

Visiting Toronto

I'm going to Toronto, Oakville to be exact, for a few days. Most of my time will be spent with family for a wedding. My only available day to eat is Victoria Day, is everything closed? Can you think of anything i should go out of my way for? I'm from L.A. and pretty well travelled, so it has to be good, cheap / casual eats is a plus.

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  1. Oakville is to Toronto what...oh...shank is to filet. technically part of the same animal, but...

    Drive or train into the city. Check out Any of their very top rated restos will be worth the trip.

    1. Hey ....
      good, cheap/casual .... how about:
      The Rubicon Grill on Lakeshore in Clarkson ( a coupla miles east of Oakville); great chicken wings, burgers and ribs.
      Calabash @ QEW & Southdown road (N-W corner of, in the strip mall); small, family run Trinidadian restaurant; great roti, cajun chicken and garlic shrimp.
      Neither place is fancy; but the food is worthwhile.

      1. Victoria Day is on Monday. So there would be all the normal restaurant closures on Monday. Restaurants that are normally open on Mondays would mostly stay open on Victoria Day.

        1. Now Magazine is Toronto's "hip" downtown freebee publication. It has a lot of cheap & cheerful restaurant reviews, though all are in Toronto proper.

          Some of the highest rated places are takeout so read carefully.