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May 1, 2007 09:54 PM

New Parents - looking for meal deliveries

We have a new baby at home and could use some help with meals. Does anyone know of know of a place that delivers reasonably priced/healthy meals in Boston? Thanks!

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  1. Where in Boston do you live? delivers from a number of area restaurants. You plug in your address and it'll let you know what they have available. I work in the Financial district, and they will deliver from North End, Back Bay, etc. It would be a good way to test the waters. They offer everything from BoLoCo (burrito's - not the best, but not bad, either), to Daily Catch (Seafood), to Massiminos (Italian). Delivery prices are based on how far you are from each restaurant.

    1. Yeah, has a fair amount of restaurants.

      Here's another delivery service:

      Here's a place that actually prepares good food for you and delivers it:;jsessionid=...

      1. One of my friends does pre-semi-prepared meals from a place locally. I don't know the name of it but I believe there are a couple of different places around where you go on-line choose what you want. You go there for an hour or so and you "put together" your meal from all the prepreped ingrediants at different menu stations.. They then go in her freezer. She has been quite happy with the quality of her meals and it wasn't outrageous expensive. I

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          Here's my review of one of these types of places in Wakefield, Dinner Concepts. Their website gives an option to have them prepare the meals too, but they don't mention delivery on their site.

        2. check out Dream Dinners. They appear to have a number of locations

          1. We've used a service called artiko for meal deliveries (we got a gift certificate for friend when they had a child and they gave one back to us when we did). They prepare meals and deliver them via fedex, flash frozen on dry ice. We've found the meals to be healthier than take out and pretty good. You can find them at

            Good luck.