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May 1, 2007 09:46 PM

red beet chocolate cake

I recently read a recipe for red beet chocolate cake. Is the origin Southern? Can anyone tell me about the regional origins of the cake and if it really is good.

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  1. That is the traditional recipe for Red Velvet cake. Yes, it is considered Southern US, especiually topped with a boiled frosting. Today people use cream cheese frosting. With the popularity of red food coloring, the beet recipe is rarely seen today. Since beets are the source of beet sugar it makes sense. I think it is a superior recipe to red food color recipes.

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      I thought that adding beets to red velvet cake was not the traditional way of making, but a new fangled thing created by chefs who have issue with putting lots of food coloring in instead.

    2. Oh, yeah, it's good - really good. Moist. Satisfyingly chocolately. ( and, don't you just know that beets must be one of those colorful antioxidental foods?) We have a bakery in Petaluma, CA that makes it and among my friends, it's the birthday celebration cake of choice :^).

      1. I LOVE beets and love sneaking interesting things into desserts (eg choc mousse w/ tofu).

        Can you share the recipe?

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          Maybe not the same, but my CSA often puts a recipe in the newsletter. I have never made it - too many other things to do with my beets, but:

        2. Bradley Ogden, who owns 1 Market in San Francisco and the Lark Creek Inn in Larkspur (maybe 1 of owners of these restaurants) gives out a recipe for his chocolate cake with beets; it's great. I was unsure if the beets were raw or cooked so I called the restaurant and asked the kitchen and they said "raw." I bought a deep cake pan just for this cake.

          1. Is Red Velvet Cake Southern? Yes.
            Is Red Velvet Cake generally made with beets? Heck no, ya'll.