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May 1, 2007 09:15 PM

Is Mamukas sp? still in Maztalan?

I ate there in 1979, and was wondering if it was still in business.

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  1. It's still here. I haven't eaten there in 20 some years, but have been thinking about trying it again. Used to be great.

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      MazDee, welcome to the boards, glad to see you posting. I know you from MexConnect where I post as Gayla

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        Hi Gayla, Sure I know you. I have gotten some good tips from you. Forgot to mention to the OP that the place is spelled "Mamucas."

    2. I'm with MazDee. Mamucas--in the old days--used to be a very good seafood restaurant. But it's gone WAY downhill. We haven't eaten there in at least 10 years. And when we did eat there when the food was good, the restaurant was almost always nearly deserted--and that's a bad sign for any restaurant. It's in an odd location and almost no tourists (especially when they stay in the Zona Dorada) know about it. And for locals who can afford to eat out regularly. . .? They mainly eat closer to "old town" (Plazuela Machado). And Dee, if you revisit Mamucas would you please post a restaurant review? And are you the same Dee who regularly posts and comments on the WhatsUpMaz Forum? (of course you must be)

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        The same Dee.... Yes, I will post a review when I try it but that won't be for at least 3 weeks as I will be travelling.

      2. I went there last April, after about 12 years from my last visit. The taste in some of the items is still awesome. We had Aguachile shrimp and the "Explosive Combo" which includes a sampling of different products. With a couple cold pacificos. It was pretty good.