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cheap eats in the marina?

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Looking for recs for somewhere to grab lunch after a job interview in the marina tomorrow. I'll be off scott street. Gonna be hungry...cheap + good, obviously. i did a search, got ONE measly result :(

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  1. Weird, what are you using as search terms? I'm popping up much more than that on the cheap in the Marina. Be sure you filter by board.

    Here are a few suggestions to get you started,
    http://www.chowhound.com/topics/38624... (all price ranges


    Break a leg!

    1. Barney's is my favorite. Asqew and Squat and Gobble are also pretty good. Some peope like Lettus, but I don't.

      If you want something inexpensive but more real restaurant-like, try Bejarong Thai.

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        I used to live in the marina and Barney's used to be my favorite as well, but over the years the quality of the food has declined, due to the complete change in staff, still not a bad place though.

        If you don't mind burritos, there's a small little place called "Los Hermanos" on Chestnut and Fillmore, across from a "Pizza of My Heart", and IMO, they have the best burrito I've ever had, but ONLY ONE SPECIFIC burrito, it's called the Super Chicken burrito, make sure you get the chicken in salsa, not the grilled chicken. I always took it home and splashed some tabasco on it (it's still good if you don't have tabasco). The sauce that the chicken is simmering in makes the burrito juicy and also melts the cheddar cheese they add which makes it ooey and gooey. God I miss that place....

      2. Home Plate on Lombard, around Scott or Pierce (can't remember). It's really a greasy-spoon breakfastie place but most everything is made fresh or housemade, including the scones (free) and sausage. Great eggs. Seems to be one of those love or hate places.

        There's also Pluto's, small chain, healthy, big salads. Pretty good, love or hate thing again.

        1. Los Hermanos does make fine burritos. As does Andale.

          Pizza My Heart closed, but that is ok, it wasn't very good. Both East Coast Amicis (Lombard and Steiner now) and Pizza Orgasmica (Fillmore about a block and a half south of Lombard, technically in Cow Hollow) make good pizza, though. Amicis is by the pie only, I believe.

          1. I would get the $11 pizza Romana or $12 Margherita at A16. It makes quite a substantial lunch and is delicious. Other option is an order of meatballs and sop all the sauce with some bread. If you stick to water or iced tea you can get out of there for under $20 including tax and tip.

            1. I'm a big fan of Pacific Catch, refreshing approach to cheap eats. The Wasabi bowls are pretty good, get them half rice/half salad for a good mix of greens & substance. The sweet potato fries are addictive, be careful.

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                I second Pacific Catch... I had the Poke Wasabi Bowl which was quite filling for around $12, although the store is tiny and packed during dinner hours (not sure about lunch), the service I experienced was very friendly and efficient.

              2. pizza orgasmica across from matrix @ fillmore...mmMMmmMMmmmm.....but i'm not sure if they're open normal hours or how they actually taste, as my only memories there are at 3 or 4am after a night of drinking in the 4 corners.

                1. Where's you end up?

                  Today I made a pit stop at Moonstruck Chocolate on Chestnut St. Tried a sample of the Ocimarian truffle, didn't do much for me, lacked finish and depth. Ordered an Earl Grey milkshake from staffer's rave, too icy and artificial syrup-flavored for me, picked up more of a rose tone than bergamot.
                  Maybe hot chocolate would have been a better bet.