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May 1, 2007 07:39 PM

Aroma is coming!!!

Although it looks like it's still about a month away from opening, I saw a sign up outside the location for the new Aroma Espresso Bar on Bloor Street (just east of Bathurst on the corner beside the Bloor Cinema). Aroma is originally from Israel and has recently opened up in New York, LA, etc. Although I can't comment on whether the quality is going to be able to follow them without access to the local, fresh vegetables and cheeses in Israel, this is a favourite cafe of mine in Israel. They make AMAZNG, fresh, tasty, healthy sandwiches and salads...items that I find are lacking on Bloor Street.

I just hope the little aroma chocolate that they serve with their drinks follows them here as well.

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  1. I agree 100%. I love Aroma (especially the one on Hillel in Jerusalem - that may have been the first one). Great food and great casual atmosphere. Amazing breakfasts too. Yes, the local produce in Israel is second to none, but Ontario produce is pretty darn good too. I hope they get the Israeli cheeses though :-) I'm a huge fan of Ontario cheeses, but it would be great switch it up with some Israeli cheeses at Aroma.

    I hope it opens soon. That sign has been up forever.

    1. This could be interesting.
      I was thinking, we have an Aroma here in Toronto already......
      Aroma Fine Indian Cuisine. 287 King St. West.

      I can bet there will be discussions with legal on this.

      The new one opening sounds interesting though.

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        1. Does anyone know if this place is open yet, or will be opening soon? Has anyone been in the area lately? I am in the East end and don't get over there near enough.

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          1. re: cord

   and the Star both report it as opening sometime this week.

            1. re: gregclow

              I went to "Chez Schwartz" at the Toronto Jewish Film Fest last Thursday Great doc about Schwartz's Deli in Mtl. While I was waiting in line, someone (an owner??) walked out of the still boarded up Aroma. I asked her when it would be open, and she responded, "next week". I didn't drive by today, but I assume that it is still not open and her timing was a bit off. Looking forward to it.

              1. re: acd123

                I drove by last night and the paper has come off the windows. The chairs were still wrapped up, but it looks like they are planning to open this weekend.

                1. re: acd123

                  I snuck in for a peek this morning. tee hee.

                  The chairs and tables are in. The menu board is up. Looks the same as in Israel, just all in English. They seemed to be working on some frames around the windows and some of the counter still needed work, but they're almost there.

                  Rumour is they may be open as early as this Sunday, May 20. Enjoy!

                  1. re: tshames

                    just walked by (saturday afternoon) - it looked like staff were in the midst of training........

                    1. re: gimel

                      IT'S OPEN!!!

                      The place looks great. Lots of comfortable seating around small tables in the front and in the back, with a breakfast bar along the wall of windows. Same black, red and white colouring throughout.

                      The menu is almost exactly the same as in Israel, minus the hebrew. The food was delicious. The grilled halumi sandwich tasted the same as in Israel, fresh bread and all, and the tomatoes were suprisingly good. The ice aroma was exactly the same and delicious! The bourekasim looked huge. The table beside ordered hot chocolates, which are the same as in Israel, hot milk with the chocolate bar on the bottom. It was a wonderful experience.

                      One customer complained about the 'for here/to go' pricing, but it makes sense if you want to eat in their space, and it's the same in Israel.

                      Did I mention that it was just like in Israel? ;)

                      1. re: tshames

                        Can't wait to try it. We debated about going yesterday morning, and we decided to give them time to find their sea legs. Next weekend for sure.

          2. I have visited this place the last long weekend - may 20th -with several friends .
            The food was delicious - grilled chicken sandwish . huge chunk of chicken with mozarella cheese and really good bread !!! the coffee was perfect . just as i expected to be . my friends who are new to Aroma liked the idea , the food , the Mocha coffee and the ambience !!! All of us definitely will come back there again .
            Perfect and Delicious place

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            1. re: coffee and chocolate

              That first time posting sounds like an ad. But I will definitely try it out to see.

              1. re: deelicious

                I have to admit - I've been skeptical. Maybe too slick? Something...
                Today I ordered a decaf latte. They only serve capuccinos, not lattes.
                Fine - but then my "decaf" wasn't decaf.
                I'm not convinced yet.
                Nice that their lactose-free milk is not skim (the way it is at Starbucks & The Second Cup), but I'm also not sure that they're keeping it as separate from regular milk as they should.

                It could turn into a favourite spot, but I'm still not won over!

                1. re: bellywizard

                  The decaf is real, I m elergic to regular and can tell, it's just very good coffee.

                  1. re: bellywizard

                    I tried Aroma today and we had lattes. I guess they got the message that the locals like lattes... I liked the latte, although it was a bit "weaker" tasting than I'm used to.

                    The real treat was fresh chocolate croissants straight from the oven. Butter croissants were coming out at the same time and they seem to bake many of their treats a few at a time through the day. Very nice.

                2. re: coffee and chocolate

                  I stopped in yesterday, had a cappacino, however I did find a opened sugar wrapper inside the drink....this was graciously replaced though and they gave my money back with some cookies on the side!!! I'll be back. I liked the decor and I would love to try their sandwiches and salads. It's right across from Starbacks so I guess they're literally duking it out! :)

                  1. re: coffee and chocolate

                    I visited at the beginning of this week. I only had the Ice Aroma which is like a slushy kind of drink with coffee. It's very similar to the chiller at Second Cup but it tastes much better. I don't know what exactly they put in it (tasted like caramel, I think) but it was just excellent!

                    I wasn't too hungry so I didn't try any sandwiches or any of the other food items but I now that I've had the Ice Aroma I will have to go back and try something!

                    1. re: EB_TO

                      dropped by last week to check it out...very kewl space. I liked the added touch of the small chocolate that they gave to you. I only ordered a coffee (and will definetley return for another coffee)

                      1. re: domesticgodess

                        I'm annoyed that they don't serve latt├ęs - only cappucinos.