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May 1, 2007 07:36 PM

Downtown Restaurant to Drink my Brunello

So, I've been sitting on an amazing Brunello for years, and I think I'm ready to bust it open just before we move into the hot summer weather - a last hurrah for the cooler weather that allows us to drink the "big" wines.

So question - where should I take it? The restaurant obviously needs to offer corkage, and I'm partial to downtown (at least, anywhere below 23rd street). I'd also prefer them to be nice about the corkage, and not resent it (I'm sure this depends a lot on who your waitstaff is though).

Not into super-fancy like a Bouley or Daniel, but I can definitely handle most budget levels. What do you think?

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  1. Although it sounds like you would want a somewhat formal ambiance to drink your Brunello, a few weeks ago we brought and enjoyed a bottle of mid-tier BdM at a very casual Italian place called Falai Panetteria in the Lower East Side.

    No corkage, they had OK glasses (and I'm sure you can bring your own if you prefer) and, I assume, NO decanting services. But the food's pretty good.

    Fyi, I posted a review on this board.

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      Thanks! I actually am not looking for something formal. I can go formal, if there's some great place that works, but in reality I would almost prefer going to someplace a bit less formal. Would want decent glasses though, which i guess is harder to find outside of the more formal places.

    2. Five Points? Ivo and Lulu (byob)?

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        I know they won't have a problem with corkage (however not sure about the fee) - but what about Tocqueville? 15th & Union Sq W.

      2. How about Craft? I haven't done BYOB at Craft, but did it at Craftbar. They were extremely accommodating.

        1. The Orchard was BYOB for a long time while they waited for their liquor license. They charge a corkage for it now, but I think everybody is so used to having done it that they couldn't be friendlier.

          Probably the wrong cuisine, but I've had really great experiences bringing my own wine to Wallse.

          I'm sure there are plenty of others that are just as friendly.....

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            Interestingly, I went to The Orchard on their second night after they had finally gotten their liquor license. We didn't know, so we brought in two bottles of average wine and they charged us a $20 per bottle corkage fee (4 people), and our waiter just seemed pissed the entire time. The food was great, but I just didn't appreciate the attitude that we got. Overall, the service was just bad - I guess whether it was the corkage or not I don't know, but I just didn't walk out with a good feeling.