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May 1, 2007 07:26 PM

Ice cream in Augusta, ME

Inspired by Jakeh54's comments about Giffords in New England and the DC area (diff. companies), I thought I'd see where people like to go for ice cream in the Augusta area of Maine. Old Colony in Winthrop is good ... as is Tubby's in Wayne. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. There are a few good places south along the river towards Gardiner and a nice drive to boot.

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      I can't vouch for the quality of the product but the stands I am aware of in this Rte 201 corridor are The Daily Scoop in Hallowell and lWebber's in Farmingdale.

      On the Rte 9 side of the river is Deb's Ice Cream (and mini-golf) in Randolph.

    2. If you head toward the coast, don't miss Round Top Ice Cream in Damariscotta (on Business Route 1). About 30 minutes from Augusta.

      1. Daily Scoop in Hallowell is kind of gross, imho, Round Top in Damariscotta has gone WAY downhill in the last few years (tasteless), we prefer Gifford's Maine Way also on Rt. 1 in Damariscotta. lots of mosquitos though... but the gifford's moose tracks is pretty unstoppable... this is really based on my wife and kids who are the ice cream eaters. i just do what i'm told (usually it's "go to maine way and get moose tracks")... enjoy fb

        p.s. for an interesting ice cream experience, try hodgman's frozen custard in gray maine (near coles farms another great food spot). amazing old school custard- very different than ice cream. quite serious...

        1. Webber's is sub par stuff as far as I'm concerned. Check out Deb's across the bridge in Randolph, an old fashioned sundae made with REAL maple syrup will hit the spot. John's Homemade near Lake St. George is worth a stop if you're out that way (towards Belfast). Hamilton's on Route 201 (formerly Averill Farm) has some good but inconsistent stuff.
          Well worth the trip is North Street Dairy up near Colby College & Thayer Hospital in Waterville. Classic New England Grapenut is one of their best flavors, and they use homemade cookie dough for their stellar Cookie Dough Ice Cream. We don't care for any of the chocolate-based flavors at North Street, but their Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Mocha Chip, Ginger and Butter Pecan are all very good.

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            Got to Tubby's in Wayne and it was worth the (scenic) drive. Interesting flavors, and good quality stuff. Kinda pricey though ($3.25 for a kiddie plus 60 CENTS for jimmies?)...and servings were a bit skimpy. Still, a good one-time spot to check out...very pleasant surroundings, nice place to take a walk to walk off those ice cream calories. Good lobster stew, too! All this "in the middle of nowhere!"

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              That does sound pricey--but those prices aren't too far from normal here in DC. When we're in the area, we go to Tubby's for the lobster rolls (which are also pricey but totally worth it); the ice cream is just an added benefit.

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                I agree that the quality is very good. All of the ice cram is home made right there. The kiddie cone is $2.75 and the regular cones are $3.25. The jimmies are well worththe 60 cents, they are gunuine gourmet chocolate. It's the only place around you can get them. I know i'm going back for more.

            2. It's a 2 hr drive from Augusta, but if in Bar Harbor, try the lobster ice cream at the shop on the corner of Main and Cottage Sts.