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May 1, 2007 06:20 PM

No one can escape Starbuck's...

Not even the monks of Lantau (Hong Kong).

My friend took this on a recent trip and I just could not stop laughing.

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  1. We should start a thread on the most unusual places you see a Starbucks.


    1. That is so funny! Starbucks is introducing live musicians at many of its cafes around here on a regular basis. Someone should tell corporate that the heat an amp, sound board and mike generate requires that the doors remain open so customers don't faint.

      I understand Starbucks is opening "take out only" cafes in Stop & Shop grocery stores this year.

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      1. re: HillJ

        Safeways around here (Baltimore area) have Starbucks already.

        1. re: jes

          In L.A. we have them in Von's markets and Targets.

          1. re: Densible

            And Barnes & Noble's. And there used to be at least one in a Wells Fargo bank.

            1. re: slacker

              It was recently pointed out to me by a green apron wearing B&Noble employee that they use Starbucks products but they operate a B&N Cafe.

              1. re: slacker

                There's still one in a Well Fargo in S. Pas, about 1/2 mile south of another one and a newer one opened about 6 montha ago about 3/4 mile away. Careful driving around S. Pas...the soccer moms in their volvos are juiced up!

            2. re: jes

              Jes, so do the Targets in Columbia and Glen Burnie

              1. re: AlyKen

                Was jsut in Target in Columbia, clearly I dotn pay enough attention (although I dont generally drink starbucks anyways).

          2. Starbucks and Disneyland on the island known for the monestary. Something askew about that.

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            1. re: slacker

              Keep in mind that at the top of the cable car that leads to the monastery is a Disney-like Buddhism theme park with a "path of the Buddha" gift shop!