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May 1, 2007 06:17 PM

Child-Friendly eateries in Bar Harbor, Maine?

traveling w/ toddler to portland and bar harbor this summer. any ideas on places to eat? love lobster and blueberries! is it blueberry season? ideas for great coffeehouses would be nice too! Thanks in advance!

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  1. Yes! A 1 mile detour in Ellsworth, north on Rt. 1 and Jordan's Snack Bar is perfect for you. No lobster except rolls, but wicked good fried seafood food, the clams are our benchmark. Outside seating (inside too) with a small play area(BYOB). It is THE family place in the area. often mobbed,but festive. Wed. nights, antique car drive in and c'nw dancing A real hoot!
    Man, I work summers in Bar Harbor and I'm hard pressed to think of something except maybe Geddy's. Milagro's has great coffee, but take out.
    In Ellsworth, great coffee house, the Maine Grind on as well as a small family run waterside rest., The Union River Lobster Pot. Helen's is noted for pies and is a family place.
    The blue berry harvest is in August.

    1. The Docksider in Northeast Harbor (a charming little village 10 miles SW of Bar Harbor) is family-friendly, and rarely crowded this time of year. Excellent sandwiches as well as lobster, clam chowder, etc.

      1. We vacationed in bar harbor last summer with a 5-year old and pretty much felt welcomed in all the places we ate: 2 Cats and Jordan's for breakfast (both good); Galyn's one night for dinner (it was pretty good but not a highlight); Quarterdeck for dinner one night (just okay). Jordan Pond house for a snack out on the lawn in the park. Pizza one night at Rosalie's. We didn't go to some of the places that have been mentioned on the board - such as Havana - that might not be great with a child in tow.

        This is the reply to my same question last year!