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May 1, 2007 05:41 PM

Tomo Japanese Robata Bar, Northridge ?

Any reviews about this place, I just saw it in Northridge, Reseda and Devoshire.


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  1. It's ok for a local joint - we've been there twice...good appetizers (I actually ordered a bunch of appees in lieu of an entree). They had limited sake choices. Second time we were there the salads at the next table looked good. In my opinion, for non-sushi local japenese once in a while it is a decent place. They do have sushi but for good local sushi I'd rather go to Omino anyday.

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    1. re: truefoodie

      Thanks for your reply, I will give it a try.
      Never been to Omino, I will also stop by one day.
      ; )

    2. We love Tomo. The sushi is great, the service is really friendly, especially for a sushi bar and their prices are really fair. Try the Osaka Roll, the Violin Roll and their White Tuna melts in your mouth. We frequent this place and are there at least once a week.......even our 3-year old daughter loves it!

      1. hey, u should try..^^
        they have good sushi and other selections to choose from..we went there last weekend for my sister's b-day party and we loved there service and quality of fish they serve..they are good enough for weekly visit for me...Enjoy