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May 1, 2007 04:42 PM



I recently went to Disney World and had really good African food at a restaurant called Boma. I was wondering if there are any good African restaurants in the New England area?
Thanks for any information.


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  1. Found some restaurants in the NE area, what about buffets?

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      I don't know of any, but I (and I imagine others) would be keen to hear the restaurants you found.

    2. Sarabelle, I've eaten the Friday special at Prince and Ziyadeee in Worcester on Providence St. Tasty stew of beef and chicken with rice. Too much to eat but the spice kick in it kept me eating more and more.I believe she is Liberian.
      That's all I can vouch for. There is another African rest on or near Cambridge St in Worcester, too.

      1. Cafe Adulis in New Haven. Great Food.

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          Personally, I like Lalibela as well. Both Adulis and Lalibela are Ethiopian/Eritrean.

          Sarabelle, I'm presuming you are excluding North African food, but contradict me if I'm wrong. (Not that I know of any Maghrebin restaurants around, but I'd be interested in hearing about them as well.)

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            I've had it with Adulis. Not only is the food white-washed, but they sneak in usurous prices. I recently had a beer there to discover that it was $8 when I got the bill. Never going back.

          2. Lewiston, Me has a sizable Somali population and several excellent and very inexpensive Somali Restaurants. Ditto for Portland. Maine is no longer just about lobster and potatoes.

            PS Is the food at Disney World good? I can't imagine it.

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              I was at Disney World last month -- in my experience their full-service restaurants are quite good. The food at Boma is very good, but not very African -- it's more like contemporary American upscale with a slight African accent. For example, I had a really nice appetizer at Boma that was a tamale, which could have been inspired by the way balls of stiff porridge are used as utensils in some parts of Africa to eat stew, but it was still wrapped in corn husks, filled with goat cheese, served on a plate, and called a tamale. Main courses there were still big hunks of meat or fish or chicken served with side dishes, western-restaurant style.

              Note that there are lots of different cuisines in Africa -- it's a big place.

              But we're not talking about Disneyworld, we're talking about New England. There's a location on Oak St here in Portland, next door to Marcy's, that has had a succession of African restaurants in it, mainly with African stew-on-spongy-flatbread type menus. I haven't been there very recently, but the food in each incarnation has been pretty well-regarded.

              There's also a new owner of the African grocery on Washington Avenue on Munjoy Hill. The sign there now says it's a restaurant as well as market. I don't know anyone who's been there, though.

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                Have you read any of Calvin Trillin's food books?

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                  The Tummy Trilogy has been on my list for awhile, but I haven't gotten to it yet. I've seen a few articles in the New Yorker, that's about it.

            2. Addis Red Sea in the South End of Boston and Fasika in Cambridge are all that i really know.