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May 1, 2007 04:33 PM

Pinxto - do they serve dessert?

I'm going to Pinxto for an upcoming birthday. I looked at the online menu - and I'm not sure I am seeing the whole thing:

Do they offer dessert, and if so, is it included in the 'menu degustation'?

If they don't serve dessert I want to plan ahead and have something ready for when we all go back to my place. Thanks!

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  1. Can't help you with the dessert question (probably best to give them a call) but this looks like a more recent site: You may need to scroll down to find the entrance links.

    1. They do serve dessert but it is not included in the menu degustations. HOWEVER, you should consider their chocolate creme brule - it is to die for and at $5, easy on the budget.

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        I was there a few weeks ago, and they only had 2 desserts and they weren't on the menu: cheese cake and creme catalan which is the delicious chocolate creme brulee.

        Speaking of Pintxo, did they open another one on St. Laurent street?
        I can't find anything about it on the web.
        Does anyone have it's details and phone number?

        1. re: zoey10

          Yeah, it's called Map(at the former Le 2 restaurant location). It was just reviewed by Sarah Musgrave in last Saturday's Montreal Gazette.

          1. re: zoey10

            FWIW, Map is reviewed in this week's Mirror:

            2 Sherbrooke East (corner St-Laurent)
            514 843-8881
            Tue–Fri 11:30 a.m.–2 p.m., Tue-Sat 6–11 p.m.

            1. re: carswell

              Wow thanks.
              I would love to hear a review if anyone has visited it.

              1. re: zoey10

                Besides the professional/published reviews, have any Chowhounders actually tried this new place Map out yet -- especially people who have already been to Pintxos?

                1. re: Fritzy

                  It's has a similar menu at dinner although not all the pintxo's available at the original location are present on the menu and some are new and not available at Pintxo. For lunch, Map is open M-F and their menu offers a soup or salad and then a main. The mains include salmon tartare, salads, fish of the day, croque monsieur, etc. Prices for lunch are between $12-$17. The desserts are different. There is a chocolate layered mousse instead of the chocolate creme brule. The vibe is different - it's more modern funky and not as cozy as the original. However, for lunch it's a great inexpensive option in an area which either offers high-priced crappy lunch or cheap crappy lunch.

        2. Just wanted to report back from our meal at Pinxto (the original).

          The food and wine was great overall. I'd read in reviews that the Pinxtos were so good that one might as well go ahead and skip the mains and just eat Pinxtos. I followed that idea but really, my favorite (which I sampled from someone else's plate) was the fish of the day, which was cod with a tomato, balsamic and basil sauce, served over mashed potatoes. The combination was wonderful. Much better than the rare duck and risotto (the other main I tried). My favorite pinxto was one that was not on the menu but came with the chef's choice in <le menu>, tiny shrimp with a touch of sesame oil and black sesame seeds.

          Desserts, the chocolate creme brule ( very dense) and cheese cake (very light and on a graham cracker crust) were in small, pinxto-like portions, but were a nice finish to the meal.

          My only complaint is the confusion with regard to service. Since some of us ordered only pinxtos, others the menu (4 pinxtos plus main), and others their own choice of pinxtos and a main... duplicate pinxtos often went to the wrong person at the wrong time. The server would just say "who had x... and the first person to say, 'me' got it." For example, since I was only eating pinxtos, they should have divided them so that when others had their main, I had several. As it worked out, in the appetizer portion of the meal, some people had nothing while I had several. When most people had their main, I had only a goat cheese ravioli pinxto. There were only six of us, and this type of ordering must be the norm, so it shouldn't have happened this way. Since it was our first time there, we weren't prepared to have to sort things out ourselves.

          Anyway, I'll definitely go back again.

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          1. re: maviris

            Thanks for the report. I also noticed that it can get a little confusing when there are lots of a la carte pintxos flying around (though we didn't have the added complication of main courses).

            One small thing for the benefit of people looking for websites, phone numbers, etc.: the x in pintxo goes after the t. I know next to nothing about Basque, but I do know the x (or is it the tx?) is similar to a "ch". The pronunciation is (roughly) "peencho".