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May 1, 2007 04:14 PM

Supermarkets/large grocery stores???

My friends and I are staying around the quarter next weekend in condos with a kitchen. Unfortunately, I can't figure out where to go shopping in order to stock the kitchen! I have a rental car, but really don't want to drive all the way down to the Whole Foods on Magazine St. Can anyone help me with this?? What are the stores that people frequent?


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  1. What about stocking up at the Saturday Crescent City Farmers Market in the CBD?

    1. There's an A&P in the Quarter for basic necessities, and the N Carrollton Sav-a-center is a quick jaunt up Canal or Orleans... not that it's that great, but t is convenient to the fairgorunds, if you're going to be there anyway.

      The market Frolic mentioned will have bread, grass-fed beef, shrimp, crabs, and drum, as well as some produce and herbs, and some texmex and turkish prepared foods. I wouldn't rely on it for all my needs, however. It's saturday morning, 8-noon, at Girod & Magazine.

      1. There's a small A&P right in the quarter that should do for most staples. Central Grocery (of the famous muffulettas) is actually an italian grocery store. Kitty corner from Tip's down on Tchoupitoulas is Sav-a-Center, but at that point you might as well go to whole foods. I'm pretty sure the Robert's by the Saulet is not reopening, anyone from that hood confirm?

        Definitely go to the farmer's market for produce. Strawberries are fantastic right now, I ate a pint for lunch just plain. There's the Sat am market in the CBD, and I think the one on St. Claude is Saturday afternoon.

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          The Upper Ninth Market is on Saturdays at Holy Cross (St. Claude and Gallier) from 1-4. It's still very, very small though.

        2. it's only about 3-4 miles to whole foods and it's a nice drive if you're sightseeing (and go via st. charles).

          1. Not to bring up the obvious, but.......

            If you're only in Nawlins for one weekend, wouldn't you rather dine out? If you're new to the city and like tasty food, consider stopping at many places to order appetizers. Why bother making remoulade, turtle soup, gumbo, creme brulee yourselves when the professionals of the city await you with their unique offerings and preparations?

            Rathe than stocking the condo's kitchen, wouldn't y'all rather be out and about?

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              Exactly. All you need is coffee and beer -- both of which you can get at the A&P.