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May 1, 2007 04:09 PM

Sushi - Does Chicago have good sushi

I will be spending a several days in the windy city. I don't want to go 5 days without my favorite food. Will be staying in the city, on Miracle Mile...where should I go?

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  1. My favorite sushi places (and trust me, I have been everywhere) are futher out from the Mag mile. If you are willing to travel, you should try: (1) Kaze in Roscoe V--sit at the bar--tell Kaze that cecilio sent you and have him keeping bringing out sushi until you cry uncle--he marries such interesting ingredients--such as seared yellowtail loin with pumpkin seed oil and goat cheese, etc. AWESOME, and (2) Mirai in Wicker Park--trendier, but great if you know what to order--my favorite in city for drinks, sushi and ambience--go upstairs and order: Kani Nigiri, spicy octopus handroll, tuna tuna salmon, speical zuke salmon roll, tuna/octopus special roll, etc. Hands down favorites.

      1. Kaze is really good, but might disappoint you if your sushi preferences are more on the "purist" side. My top two are Tsuki in Lincoln Park and Mirai mentioned by ljero. Although, after eating at Yasuda in NYC last week, nowhere in Chicago can come even close to that.

        1. I am a sushi addict. Lived in SF for 10 years and no sushi restaurants here can compare, but I must say Katsu rocks. It is pricey but the sushi / sashimi pieces are huge and are the freshest I've found in Chicagoland. Not to mention the service is excellent and the owners are very gracious hosts. This is a small, clean, traditional, family-run restaurant. If you're looking for trendy joints, loud music, and people watching - go to Japonais, Sushi Samba, Sushi Wabi, etc. Otherwise, take a trip out to Katsu - it will be a bit far for you but it will NOT disappoint.

          I also like Kaze very much. The Omakaze (chef's tasting menu) was very inventive and delicious.

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            I've taken Bay area folks to one place here in Chicago that they swear is as good as all but the best in California: Midori. If you don't care about ambience/people watching, I'd recommend it. To me, it's not about exotic rolls, or crazy presentations (although they do this reasonably well). The fish is just excellent.

            Midori is located at 3310 W Bryn Mawr

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              I second Katsu. I have not had better Uni yet elsewhere.

              2649 W Peterson Ave
              Chicago, IL 60659
              (773) 784-3383

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                I've always put Uni up there with natto as a Japanese specialty that I can't choke down, and I'll eat almost anything (including pig ears and tripe at Lao Szechaun recently). Maybe I've just never had good Uni. I'll need to try Katsu.

                I love Mirai, and also had an excellent meal at Meiji on 623 W. Randolph - a llittle on the non-traditional side, but excellent food. I had a new waitress when I went so the service was a little off, but excellent food - and a little closed to Michigan Ave. than Katsu.


                Another interesting option is the Ginza restaurant which is right off of Michigan - 19 E. Ohio. Its in a seedy looking hotel (the Tokyo hotel) but reminds me a lot of the corner sushi restaurants you find around suburban Tokyo train stations. Since its so convenient, it might be a good lunch selection or casual dinner.

            2. My favorite is still Kamehachi - - one of the first sushi restaurants in chicago - I have lways gotten top notch sushi - fresh and great presentation - had carry out last weekednd and still great

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                I've only been to the N Wells location. I was not particularily impressed by the raw material. Do you have a favorite location ?

                1. re: OliThor

                  I am up north now so I use their northbrook location -

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                    I really like Kamehachi on North Wells. I don't think it's the best in Chicago, but I think it is really good as a neighborhood spot.

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                      I've been to Kamehachi on North and Wells. Was extremely disappointed. Sorry.