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May 1, 2007 04:05 PM

Romantic spot for bday dinner

I am taking my husband out for his bday dinner on Saturday night. I'd like a nice, romantic place, with fabulous ambiance. He loves lobster, so that would be great (but we've already been to The Lobster, so don't suggest that!). A great steakhouse or seafood restaurant preferred.

What can you suggest? Something special. I'd prefer something on the westside.


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  1. The Palm has delish lobster - not sure how romantic tho. Or, Mastro's in Bev Hills.

    1. You should check out The Lodge in Beverly Hills on La Cienega.

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        I love The Water Grill downtown. I have had many b/day anniversary dinners there and find it romantic and the food is always great. The menu varies but they always have a lobster dish on the menu. Sometimes, we book a room next door at The Biltmore. Lovely.

      2. Saddle Peak Lodge fits all your criteria, except for the lobster. They specialize in game. If you're open to their menu, it's a fantastic restaurant for a nice, romantic birthday dinner with great food.

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          windows in downtown has one of the best view and have decent steak and lobster.

        2. Il Cielo on Burton in Beverly Hills, beautiful, romantic, and the food is supposed to be excellent.

          1. CUT offers steak AND lobster.

            I'd also suggest Water Grill for superb seafood and service.

            Geoffrey's for unbeatable views..they have lobster, which is in a puff pastry, but really awesome.