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Favorite cheese for quesadillas?

ok, the idea comes from the thread on grilled cheese sandwiches

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  1. i like jack cheese mixed with a bit of sharp cheddar for quesadillas.

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      I like to add some diced tomatoes and green onions; have used asadero and oaxaca cheeses

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        Cheddar and jack... and if i'm really hungry charbroiled chicken but rarely... then served with sourcream and salsa. Simplicity.

      2. Pepper jack or chipotle cheddar from Bravo Farms.

        1. Depends on the quesadilla. I like jack and cheddar - but if I am making crab then I usually add some cream cheese too. Not trying to be authentic here...


          1. Extra-sharp cheddar with a LOT of chopped green onion. Not at all authentic, so what!

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              monterey for the "melt", a little cheddar, green onion, cilantro (yup inside) tomatoes, and hot hot salsa. yum, now that's going to be breakfast.

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                Breakfast!!! And just in time for Cinco de Mayo! Thanks for the idea. (Is it okay to drink Corona at breakfast?)

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                      Are you not glad it's Friday, because the happy hour begins at 2:00 pm here!!!

            2. There are several quesos available locally that are supposed to be authentic. But I don't detect much flavor in any of them. Are they just for binding ingredients?

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                From what I know about Mexican food here. I find that they use the milder white cheese which is great for the melt factor, and it does have a mellow flavor. Which in some cases is good. No clash with the fresh cilantro, chilies and other good stuff. That is why I go easy with the cheddar. To each their own!

              2. this may be blasphemous but how about using "chedarella"?

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                  My parents liked the quesadillas at a mexican restaurant quite a bit, so they asked what the secret was. It was Land O' Lakes white american chesse.

                2. I like to use some jack or cheddar mixed with cotija for bite.

                  1. Cheddar and jack are typical at my house. I did have a wonderful brie and apple one once.

                    1. oaxaca and meunster.
                      If you like that, in a pan sautee some chorizo without the casing. Use a fring pan that is just big enough to hold the amount you are cooking. Once it is cooked, take it out, add salsa to simmer, top with chorizo and tonnes of shredded meunster. Spoon onto warned tortillas...

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                        hadn't considered using chorizo and I love it; going to give that a try

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                          quesadillas with chorizo, queso fresco and squash blossoms are the best! But be careful bcus good chorizo is greasy!

                      2. Is it wrong for me to love quesadillas made with the Sargento four cheese mexican blend pre-shredded? Especially in the Costco size bag then fry the whole thing in Gold n Soft margarine til golden? Soooooooooooo good with a sprinkle of salt.

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                          Are you hecka crazy!!! Course not! I would do that, I have used that cheese and it melts great, and makes a very good dilla!

                        2. So many depends on what I am going for. Creamy quesos cream cheese, or goat cheese. Chedder and mozzarela.

                          1. I like Queso Fresco... it doesn't melt down oily like a like of shredded cheeses in the high high heat. There is a vendor at my local FM also that sells a version with Jalapeno in it... Love it!