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May 1, 2007 03:54 PM

LOLA or St Germain (Dallas)?

Hello hounds!

Which restaurant would you pick for a birthday dinner? I love great food, but am not too adventurous (would not choose the tasting menu at Lola). By the way, this is a dinner with my husband. So, I chose these retaurants for their great food (and Lola's wine) and romantic atmosphere.

Which place has your vote?

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  1. Lola, no question. You can order off the menu for the night if you would rather. They really don't get too out there. No question.

    1. Lola without question. Better food, better selection, more accomodating, friendlier, excellent wine list. St. Germaine requires adanced payment & that menu selections be made in advance as well, from a very limited menu.

      1. Agree Lola is a little more user friendly but HSG is the most romantic place in Dallas and, in my opinion, is worth the trouble. Ofcourse we had our wedding reception there so I'm a little biased. If you really want to hit a romantic home run, book suite #5 and stay the night and have breakfast/brunch on the balcony the next morning.