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May 1, 2007 03:46 PM

where to eat off I-87 NYC to Canada

My girlfriend and I are heading up to Montreal for a short vacation. Leaving NYC Wed night and returning on Sat. We've got Montreal eats pretty well mapped out but would love some recomendations for along the way.

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  1. Would help if you could put some parameters on that request. Are you talking Mid-Hudson (i.e., Poughkeepsie, Hudson), Saratoga/Albany, Lake George, Plattsburgh, etc, etc. I-87 from NYC to Montreal is over 300 miles. You might need to narrow your request a bit. Would also help to know about what time you may be in some of those locations.

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      I like the Hickory Smokehouse, less than 5 minutes off NY Thruway exit 19, west on
      Route 28 on the left hand side of the road.

      Good barbecue, sides and ambience. If you lkie que, this is the place to stop.

    2. We always stop in Saratoga. Lots written about this town on the boards.

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        Yes, we'll be going up through Saratoga/Albany. Leaving around 5 PM. I'll check the boards. Looking for a road food gem we can stop at in or around Saratoga 9 PMish.

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          Cliff's Restaurant is a "road food gem," near exit 12 of I 87, just south of Saratoga Springs. An old road house specializing in prime rib, other steaks. Another choice near exit 12 is the Ripe Tomato, friendly, moderately priced place, eclectic menu.

      2. 9 pm in Saratoga and then heading north to Montreal? That would put you past midnight for Montreal.
        Saratoga will be a little slow on a weeknight, 9 pm, and not track season. If you really have to stop in Saratoga, I suggest Chez Sophie (south of Saratoga on Route 9, great place, but plan on 1-2 hours), or, for a quick (less than an hour) bite in something different, the Parting Glass also in Saratoga (bring your darts). I used to live in Saratoga, and since you're from the 'City' you won't find anything that unique in Saratoga - especially if headed to Montreal (old Montreal is really fun). I grew up in a real city, then lived for a year in Saratoga. By the way, Saratoga isn't just off the Northway - the town is a couple of miles in.
        If you're looking for something truly different, and have a couple of hours to spare, Yono Purnomo's restaurant in downtown Albany offers a truly unique dining experience, even by NYC standards. Yono has been on the Today show and has won more awards than most of the chefs in the capital district area combined. Downtown Albany isn't really out of your way if you take the 787 exit from the NYS Thruway.

        For an absolute quick roadstop, at exit 8 from the Northway, north of Albany is the Country Drive-In. Great fastfood (burgers, seafood, ice cream), clean, outdoor benches under canopies, VERY popular, draws people from miles around. Turn right off the exit. It's at 1455 Vischer Ferry Road, Clifton Park, about a mile east of the Northway. Closes at 9 pm, though. We love driving there in the Porsche, even though we are about 10 miles away in Albany.

        North of Saratoga, there are a couple of eateries at exit 18, 19, and 20. Exit 18, there's a passable Mexican restaurant right off the exit. At exit 19, go east and run into a bunch of chain restaurants (Olive Garden, Friendly's, Panera's etc) plus a few small independent restaurants. At exit 20 there are a couple of passable full-service independent restaurants. Beyond that, it's slim pickings off the Northway until you get near the border.

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            Quick update. Chez Sophie has moved into the Saratoga Hotel on Broadway in downtown Saratoga Springs. Bigger place, bigger restaurant, but still the same fine cuisine. Second the earlier recommendation on both the Ripe Tomato, and Cliffs Country Inn. Cliffs is a carnivores delight

          2. Anybody else have any other recommendations?

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              One recommendation would be to check the NYState board for Saratoga Springs recommendations; it's pretty much up to date. The OP was explicit about when they would be traveling; are you looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Since the thread you dug up from five years ago, the Iron Roost has opened in Ballston Spa, near exit 12 of I-87, sweet or savory waffles at breakfast or lunch. Give us more information, and we can give you more help.