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May 1, 2007 03:42 PM

Mother's Day Kid Friendly

Here's what I'm looking for:

- Mother's Day, either brunch or dinner

- Must have a kid's menu (for both my 3-year-old nephew, as well as his father, who has the palate of a 3-year-old)

- Nothing ethnic; the food must be simple (see above)

- Anywhere between Sherman Oaks and Agoura/Oak Park

The rest of the crowd likes Outback Steakhouse and Maggiano's. Please, please help....

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  1. Cafe Bizou doesn't have a children's menu online, but the restaurant definitely caters to families, with children.

    Tuscany il Ristorante in Agoura will have a children's menu for Mother's Day brunch.

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    1. re: chica

      I called Bizou, and they do not have any kind of kid's that's out. I'm thinking Marmalade Cafe in Calabasas might work for brunch.


    2. I'd look into Cafe Cordiale in Sherman Oaks

      Rustico in Westlake def has a kids' menu

      Riviera in Calabasas

      Pinot Bistro in Sherman Oaks

      1. How about Marmalade Cafe on Ventura/Kester in Sherman Oaks for brunch or even Jinky's Cafe also on Ventura/Hazeltine also in SO, they have an extensive menu other than brunch. Just make sure you get there early especially on a weekend, the line gets long.