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May 1, 2007 03:40 PM

gallon size glass jars in LA

i brew kombucha and i need another gallon size glass jar. (got two)
i can't find a single place in LA.
I've tried target, nature mart, home depot, crate and barrel, lowe's, osh etc etc and really can't find one.
the closest i've come is a jar that is for cookies
anyone have any other recommendations?

(fer context's sake: i make my kombucha with rooibos and oolong. YUM!)

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  1. I seem to recall that people have recommended Smart and Final for jars for canning.

    Another place to try would be Surfas:

    1. I got a feeling you aren't going to find empty 1 gallon jars for sale. You want them badly enough you're going to have to go somewhere like Costco that sells stuff in those 1 gallon glass jars and use the contents in them or find a restaurant that uses that same product and ask them to save them for you. Think most packers have gone the way of plastic because its lighter to ship.

      Otherwise you can check out this place I Googled and looks like they'll sell you 1 case (4) at a reasonable price.

      Los Angeles
      25392 Commercentre Drive
      Lake Forest, CA 92630

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        The ones at surfas didn't work for me, but this ULINE was a great tip - thank you!!!
        4 jars for $20, and that includes shipping to my door.
        and now i've got extras for all my growing cultures and to give some away!

      2. The Container Store. Here's a link to 2 styles I found from a quick "glass jar" search -

        They have locations in Pasadena and Century City.

        1. Yay! Another kombucha brewer.

          I use old kimchi jars. What, something like $10 for a gallon of kimchi? Even if you don't eat kimchi, the bigger jars are a steal!

          I like making small batches of a few different flavors, so I use two of the smaller kimchi jars.

          I once saw a HUGE (maybe even 1.5 gallons) jar of pickles at Costco for $5 and thought it would be perfect to even throw out the pickles just to have a $6 glass jar.

          And I wholeheartedly agree with you: oolong makes the best kombucha. I'm going to have to blend in some rooibos next time!

          1. couple of options....
            almost any restaurant supply house should have, or can direct you, in the right direction. The item you're actually looking for is called a jug by those in the industry. (Glass, with metal lid, I imagine). Surfas Restaurant Supply on Washington Blvd. in Culver City is the most knowledgable.

            Anchor Hocking, Ball-Kerr and there's an Europeon manufacturer that's fairly well known that escapes me at the moment; their websites should be of some help in finding a product # and you can order through local channels. AH the most likely available. BK is moving out of market.

            I know, the famous Original Philippe's sells their pickled eggs in gallon jugs. Might want to call them and ask where they get their jugs from. The might even give ya one. The last time I was in Restaurant Depot looking for a similiar product, they had 1/2 and 2 gallon jugs but, not 1 gallon with metal lids....

            good luck

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              I bought some one-gallon jars at Surfa's on Sunday. They were six bucks each. The screw top lids are sturdy, but not the type you would use for a pressurized canning process. But they're good enough for storing flour, coconut, sugar, beans, etc., which is why I bought them.