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May 1, 2007 03:39 PM

question re: grilling fresh pineapple below

What do you look for when picking out a pineapple, in terms of being ripe and too ripe?

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  1. A pineapple does not ripen (or get sweeter) after being picked/removed from the stalk. I asked the local produce guy to help me pick. I received a hands-on lesson.

    The body should be firm, soft means it is rotting. The leaves should be fresh looking, tired looking leaves means it has been storage for a while or it has not been stored properly. Color doesn't mean anything, there are different kinds of pineapple that have different colors.

    I found the best way to get good pineapple is to buy them from a store that sells a lot of pineapple. Most pineapples are ready to eat when picked, it is what happens to the pineapple after that: rough handling, too warm of storage. A pineapple on display has a life of a few days. Once the pineapple is removed from refrigeration (in the store) is the best time to buy it. The produce guy told me it is an "ole wives tale" that storing a pineapple in its stalk will increase sugar.

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      Thanks Alan- that was very informative.

    2. Scratching my head here...I've picked up pineapples from the market that sweetened on my counter for a day or two after purchase. I would not refrigerate a pineapple until its cut open and for grilling allow the fruit to return or be at room temp before hitting the grill.

      The best gauge of any produce purchase is your sense of smell. A pineapple will have a sweet, fresh odor thru the outside skin and a rosy yellow to orange tint at its base. But honestly your NOSE is your best guide.

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        Yep, agree. It should smell like a pineapple. Also, with pineapples that are about the same
        size, the heavier one will have more juice and be the better one in flavor. Last, Bob B's suggestion, if you can easly pull out a leaf from the center of the top, it's ripe. But mainly, it's smell -- smell the bottom. This will also tell you if the pineapple is over-ripe -- it will smell slightly fermented.

      2. I've been told that if you can easily pull out a leaf from the center of the top, it's ripe.