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May 1, 2007 03:13 PM

Favorite West Village eaterie for 8

Any ideas? Reasonably priced, good atmosphere, drinks, food... near 7th Avenue and 12th Street...

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  1. I don't know if I'd call Snack Taverna a "favorite eatery," but it's a solid spot and is located about 6 blocks from 7th Ave. and 12th St. They have a big, round table in the front of the restaurant that's great for a group. I believe it can accomodate 8 people, but you should check before going. Food is good and reasonably priced.

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      Sumile, 13th at 7th is my fave for all of the above. Also, Alfama on Hudson (a little south of where you are but not much). Alfama is quiet, elegant. Sumile, too. Alfama is Portuguese; Sumile is Asian-inspired and also has good sushi if that is your thing (but not the main thing they do well).

    2. While it's nowhere near the best Mexican food in town, I recommend Agave for a group. The atmosphere rocks, the margaritas ARE the best in town, and you can't mess up a quesadilla!
      There's also Good, which has all kinds of food.

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        Well, maybe you can't "mess up" a quesadilla, but you sure can make a lackluster, totally mediocre one and charge $15 for it. That's the deal at Agave. Sorry to disagree LFeinberg, but I went there the other night and had one of the most disappointing meals in recent memory. I won't spend my money there again - it's seriously unremarkable.

        A place I do highly recommend for a group is Alta. Share a bunch of creative, delicious small plates in a beautiful carriage house setting. The check can add up quick though. If you're interested in a French/Moroccan bistro, Bar 6 is pretty damn good. They actually have one of my favorite burgers in the 'hood.

      2. I like Jane for this kind of thing. It fits your bill to a T (decent wine list, including wines by the glass, good cocktails, consistently good, if not brilliant, food, nice digs). Esp. if you dine on a weekday, you won't have a problem with eight people. It's on Bleeker east of Thompson, within walking distance of 7th and 12th.

        Ballulah, another Chowhound, recently recommended Fatty Crab on Hudson near 13th St.

        Also look into La Palapa Rockola.

        1. I feel very honored to get a shout out from cimui! Fatty Crab is great, but it's on the small side. I've only been there as a group of no more than 4. But no reason that 4 couldn't be 8 if you don't mind being a bit squished. The food and atmosphere make up for the crush.

          I would also recommend El Rey Sol on 14th between 7th and 8th. They have a heavenly little garden out back, and last night I noticed several large groups. They have long trestle tables for large parties. The service was not rushed, in both a good and bad way. The Mexican food was really very decent, and I was pleasantly surprised by how spicy everything was. (LFeinberg, you're a Texan in search of good Mexican, you MUST go here if you haven't already. I knew they were on the right track when they brought guacamole to the table garnished with a grilled jalapeno.) The price can't be beat. I had been meaning to try this place all last summer and never got around to it, now that I've broken the cherry I'll be back a lot.

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              I've had a big brunch for 8 or 10 at the Village on 6th Ave and 9th st. Nice space, good food.