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May 1, 2007 03:11 PM

Recommendations for one dinner in Philly

Hi Pennsylvania Hounds

My immediate family and my wife and I will be in Pennsylvania for a birthday party at the end of the month, and we will have time for just one dinner in Philadelphia, so I'm looking for recommendations. We're open to just about any place with great food but that isn't very loud. Two that we've been considering are Morimoto and Alma de Cuba but I'm not sure about the noise factor. I don't have an idea of an absolute price limit but if it's in the range of the two places we're currently considering that would be good. Alternatively if you have other options, I'm all ears

Ben Reiner

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  1. Ben, Matt Ito has just re-opened Fuji in Haddonfield, which is not that far from Philly if you are a Japanese food (sushi, sashimi, omikase dinner, etc, etc) lover. Far less expensive than Morimoto, and even better in my opinion. I'm going there for lunch on Friday, and can't wait.

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      Because of the two you mentioned I would also recommend Buddakhan.
      For eclectic food done with style there is Bliss right near the Academy of Music and Kimmel Center.
      For excellent seafood but a big price tag, Estia right across from the Academy of Music.

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        How about Fork? I wouldn't exactly call it silent-but the food is so fabulous that you won't mind cupping your ears a bit. Anyway, I ate at the bar at prime time on a Satruday night, so maybe the noise level was at the high end. But the food-ummmm!

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      1. There are better choices--try surfing the board for ideas.

        1. I also recommend places like Brassiere Perrier and Rouge on Rittenhouse Square. They are both (somewhat) bigger names of Philadelphia and more iconic names within our restaurant revival. You should have a much easier time getting into these places as well.

          1. Morimoto is a great choice - terrific food, and not especially loud. Get seats at the sushi bar if available and order the omakase. Buddakan and Fork are both deafening when crowded.