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May 1, 2007 02:33 PM

Cafe D'Alsace -food has gone downhill.

Soon after the restaurant opened, I had an excellent dinner there. A couple of months later, I found my dinner there to be mediocre. Thinking maybe the chef had been out sick on my second experience, I tried it again last Saturday night. My wife and my dinner bordered on inedible. My waitress confirmed that the chef was "cooking."

The La Moelle was tasteless other than an odd burnt-smokey flavor. I usually love bone marrow - i.e. the one served at Blue Ribbon.
The Lamb Payard tasted only of garlic (as did the goat cheese tart). The thin slice of Rib Eye Steak served to my wife tasted odd - was it beef. The vegetables served on the side were inedible - i.e. the asparagus had been cooked until the tough thick skin became browned and extremely tough, the zucchini and the other vegetables were tasteless - as if they had been cooked (not that well to begin with), frozen and reheated, the french fries were extremely greasy.

My service was OK; but, I did notice the waitress at the next table spill a considerable amount of water on the table; but, she made no comment and did not clean it up.

I tried to email the owners via the address listed on their website; but, it is not accepting emails. I guess they do not care.

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  1. A friend and I stopped by for dinner last night. It was well after 11; we had both finished shifts at our restaurant jobs. The hostess seated us immediately at a table directly in front of her station. More than 5 minutes passed (we were in conversation) before I made note that we were yet to be greeted by a server. I stood up and went to the hostess for menus. She asked where we were sitting, which was odd since she led us to the table personally and pulled out the chair for me. It took a few minutes before our server dropped off the menus. Total time before our water glasses were filled: easily 8 minutes. We placed our order after another few minutes. The fromage plate came out as did our Belgian beers. A De Koninck and a Kwak. The Kwak came in a glass that took considerable attention to remove from its cradle. It was tasty, though. So, having stopped picking at our cheeses, the server had neglected us for some time more before rushing over and telling us he'd 'fire' our dishes. My friend laughed because minutes earlier I had guessed they had yet to start on our food. It actually turns out I was wrong; the food was brought out within a 15 seconds of his trip to the kitchen. They had the roast chicken and d'alsace burger warming. During the course of our meal, another server had trouble with a table. The patrons began arguing when our server stepped in to intervene. There were plenty of raised voices and stares from everyone seated at the bar. I'm left with an overall impression of mediocrity due to service. Food-wise, I'll withhold judgment because we ordered what some may deem 'pedestrian' fare.