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May 1, 2007 02:27 PM

food near Interior, SD

I am moving for the summer to Interior South Dakota and I was wondering if there are any suggestions for inexpensive restaurants in the area. I won't be eating out much but definitely every once in a while I get tired of cooking.
thanks so much

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  1. Given that there are fewer than 100 residents in Interior, they can't really support a lot of restaurants. I think there is one cafe in town (at least there was a few years ago--its been a while since I've been through there). How far would you be willing to travel for other restaurants?

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      Seems to me the restaurant at Cedar Pass Lodge in the Badlands was pretty good. You can always drive into Wall or Rapid City.

    2. I'd guess that you'll need to drive into the Black Hills area if you are looking for variety. Here's a link to an earlier post that has great places in the Black Hills region. I would highly recommend the Corn Exchange for a special ocasion (or even just the ocasion of getting out of town!).