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May 1, 2007 01:27 PM

Quick and cheap near IFC

Going to a movie tonight at IFC. Looking for something more substantial than Mahmoun's, but sturdy, tasy and cheap!

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  1. Roll and Dough on W. 3rd (MacDougal/6th Ave.). Ask them which bings just came out of the oven and order those. I'm a fan of the spicy pork, spicy beef, pork & chive and pork & scallion bings. These are very filling, very good and very cheap.

    1. If you like Thai, I think Galanga would be perfect. Damn good thai, reasonably priced, and pretty quick. Of course if you're looking to go super cheap you could always get slices at Joe's or bings at Roll & Dough and take either to Washington Square Park or just eat on the street. If you don't know about bings, do a search on the boards. They're awesome!