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May 1, 2007 01:18 PM

B-day dinner around 7th ave south and leroy

I am looking for a place that is reasonably priced for a group bday dinner (8 people), preferably italian, fun but not loud around 7th ave south and leroy.

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    1. re: solarlane

      i ADORE Do Hwa!! We are there at least once a week. And actually, i was there THREE times last week! So fun and SO good! The atmostphere is wonderful with the old school movies playing on the wall. And the kalbi is delish!

      What about Blue Ribbon?
      There's also Alexandra (cash only on Hudson and Barrow)
      Da Andrea (Italian)

    2. Malatesta on Christopher & Washington.

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      1. re: jdmetz

        Shhh, Malatesta has to be kept a secret-- although I agree with the recommendation!

      2. Hurapan Kitchen right there on 7th ave is upscale Thai with some "new American fusion" (as I like to call it). It's really delicious... and while I've never had a big group there, the service has always been great. The decor is festive, and I can't imagine it getting loud in there.