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Any NEW ideas for using morels?

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DH brought home some beautiful morels last night. Been there, done that with the cracker crumb/frying bit. We also like them with blue cheese in an omlette. Any new ideas? Thanks!

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  1. We love them sauteed in a mix of butter/olive oil, then splashed with some sherry or Madeira, a bit of cream, reduced, and served alongside a cutlet of choice.

    1. Sauteed in butter and maybe minced shallots, finished in cream, over toasted brioche, garnished with a shower of minced fresh herb of choice (I like tarragon with this). A classic prep.

      1. I had a really good risotto not too long ago with asparagus and morels. Good combination of "spring", earthiness and creaminess.

        1. Whenever in possession of a bounty of fresh wild mushrooms, I almost invariably make either a risotto or a pasta dish with fresh linguine or fettuccine, plenty of butter and cream and probably just parsley and garlic to season. Both of these dishes will showcase wonderful mushrooms without unnecessary competition from other flavours. The only other thing I might recommend would be to saute them and add to a red wine reduction to serve with an excellent steak. This would be my second choice, however, and I'd only do that if I'd already done the pasta or risotto thing.

          1. I cooked them in butter and served them on grits. Grits are an excellent medium for showcasing other things. In their original form, they were a salt and butter delivery system.

            Where are you and what do you pay for morels? I got some "on sale" at WF for $39/lb. This week they are back to $49.

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              Thanks for the great ideas, guys! Will definately try some of those.
              Danna, we are lucky to have a friend who has land here in Central IL who takes us "morelling" with him. So, yes, ours are free. :-) So far, it hasn't been a great year for morels, but they should still be around for another couple of weeks.

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                where in Central Illinois are you, Anne? I wonder whether my cousin is in a "morel" area!

                Sorry I can't come up with some innovative ideas for you. All the things I regularly do with morels have already been mentioned above.

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                  ChefJune, I am just north of Peoria. Where is your cousin living? There will be a "Morel Festival" this weekend in Henry, IL---at the fairgrounds. You may want to give your cousin a "heads up" about it!

            2. If I can find some morels(haven't yet in Phoenix) there is a recipe in the current recipe of Bon Appetit that looked quite good to me: Pasta with morels, asparagus and tarragon.

              This is the issue with the Frozen Lemon Meringue Pie on the cover.

              1. I just came back from France and DH ate filet mignon with morels THREE times. I made it last week with dry ones but it is fabulous.
                I sear meat (peppered and salted) in butter/oil 2-3 min per side (place meat in 200 degree oven to keep warm)
                drain fat and sautee mince shallots (2 shallots) in 2 tablespoons butter
                add morels and 1/2 cup cognac, reduce to a glaze
                add 3/4 cup cream and reduce till thickened
                spoon sauce over steak

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                  I second this recipe. This is very similar to a traditional french recipe from the bressan region. In the latter, you would use a capon instead of a steak. As for the the gravy, make sure to use the chicken liver and some "vin jaune".
                  One major difference of opinion though, I would never put the sauce over the piece of meat because you want to keep the piece grilled and crispy. The damp sauce sould be left aside.

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                    i agree but if served right away it will be crispy. we ate this at 3 places in France and it was always on top, the crust on the beef was still there. Ahhh the liver would be very nice. I had a similar sauce at a different restaurant without the morels but with foie gras in there, on top of roast lamb. this will be my future experiment.

                2. I favour just sauteed in butter, don't forget to salt in the beginning, with a poached egg on top. The liquid yok is the perfect sauce to highlight their taste. Of course veal juice doesn't hurt either but that's a lot of work.

                  1. Recently I did a morel, fiddlehead, and proscuitto pizza that was fabulous. We always keep the garlic and herb pizza dough from trader joes on hand (I know, it's easy to make dough, but I never want to deal with that when I crave pizza immediately). I thickly sliced the morels, then sauteed them lightly in butter. The fiddleheads, we did the usual (boil for a few minutes, then shock in ice water). I rolled the dough quite thinly, topped with a layer of proscuitto, scattered the morels and fiddleheads atop, dressed with some evoo, chopped herbs, s&p, and a drizzle of truffle oil. It was a very flavorful yet light dinner -- delish!