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May 1, 2007 12:24 PM

Authentic Taiwanese Breakfast in Houston?

I'm craving turnip cakes, radish cakes, shao bing and salty soy milk especially, chinese crullers, beef noodle soup, big bun, etc., is there any restaurant serving that? HELP?!

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  1. Have you tried going to They might be able to help.

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      thanks danhole, I'll give it a try.

    2. The only taiwanese place know of closed a couple years ago.It was awesome, they had 6 different types of stinky tofu.

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        jscarbor, was it called Marco Polo?

      2. I know exactly where to get the best shoa bing and salty soy milk in town, and not to mention the best zha-jung mien and green onion pancakes!!!!
        Central China - on Bellaire just East of Beltway 8. You have to go there - my mother is from Har Bin and we have been going there for 20 years. It's great! I love their spicy, boiled peanuts and seaweed to munch on also. Hao Chi!!! (sorry my spelling is not that great)

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          Thanks a whole bunch, I did tried the FuFu Cafe, it was good, but they did not have shaobin & yu tiao together, only yu tiao, nor did they have salty onion soy bean soup, is Central China easy to find? I'll give Central China a try for sure next time I visit H-Town, Tell me, does LaiLai have the best dumplin and bao tze? Again, Thanks alot for your info.

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            Xiongs has the best dumplings in town, they kill lailai's.

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              yes, Central China is very easy to find. if you travel East on Bellaire from the Beltway 8 it will be on your left-hand side, on the far left side of that shopping strip. it's before Gessner and Ranchester, and you will also pass Dynasty Mall before you reach Central China. it's actually right after Dynasty Mall which is at the Beltway 8 and Bellaire, so when you pass it just look to your left. it doesn't face the street Bellaire so just look to your left and keep your eyes peeled. i am familiar with the area but i'm sure it can be confusing if you are not. hopefully this all makes sense!
              Lai Lai is good but I love Dumplig King on Westheimer and Hillcroft. It's been there since we moved here, over 15 years, and it's still amazing. Another place I like is called New Shanghai - they have Northern Chinese food and amazing steamed/fried pork bao tze with lots of garlic chives. New Shangai is also on Bellaire @ Ranchester and is in the Welcome Food shopping strip. Happy eatings!!! Now I'm craving those bao tze....