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May 1, 2007 12:17 PM

Birthday dinner somewhere between DC and Baltimore

I want to take my husband out to dinner for his birthday, and thought it would be nice to go somewhere we haven't gone. Since it is during the week I don't want to go too far from where we live (in Laurel). I am looking at somewhere with entree prices no more than $20. We like just about any cuisine, although I'd prefer to stay away from Italian or Mexican food this time around. I don't mind driving a little bit, but didn't want anything too far.

Any suggestions are helpful!

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  1. I remember hearing about a wonderful wine bar - in Columbia, maybe - that has good food, is reasonably price, and of course has great wine. Does anyone know the name? That might be a good fit.

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    1. re: katecm

      iron bridge?
      haven't been there but it is on my list.

      I second Sushi King if you like sushi. Its amazing! my friends in baltimore and I meet up there often as our middle ground.

      1. re: dcish

        I've been to Iron Bridge Wine Company a couple of times--not really impressed. The food was mediocre and wasn't seasoned well. Wine is what you go for. It's fairly inexpensive, plus they sell it, so you can take some home with you!

        If you're looking for something French (and who wouldn't be?) try Cafe de Paris, which is in Columbia, or Tersiguels in Ellicott City. Both have excellent reputations. Of the two, Cafe de Paris is the less expensive, but at Tersiguels they'll treat you like royalty--and that's free!

    2. Sushi King is a pretty good sushi place in Columbia, its in a strip mall and isnt very exciting, but theyhave some very creative rolls and extremely frsh fish. Ellicott City is a nice midway point as well and they have a few great restaurants, Jordans Steakhouse is great, but might be a little more than $20 an entree. And Tersiguels is a great french place, but again may be a little more than $20 per entree.

      1. why not give a google to "maple lawn md" - it's in between DC and Baltimore and easier to navigate than Columbia......and it has some really good new restaurants.
        just take a quick look - it will be worth it.

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          "Maple Lawn" in Fulton has a great place called Trapeze ( I think they also recently opened a steak house there.

          If you're willing to venture over to Gambrills, in the Village at Waugh Chapel, there is a pretty good restaurant called 4 Seasons Grille ( The entree prices there hover around $20. My husband, who's a picky eater, liked it so much he wanted to go back for our anniversary, but I talked him into trying another place owned by the same people in Severna Park (

        2. Cafe de Paris in Columbia would be a great birthday spot. It's French bistro food. I think the entrees run a bit over $20, but you can get a prix fixe with appetizer, entree and dessert for around $35 or $40, which is a great deal.

          Very friendly place.

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          1. re: JonParker

            Since you are from Laurel I assume that you know about Pasta Plus and want something different. JonParker's suggestion of Cafe de Paris is a good one. Let Eric know it is a birthday celebration when you make the reservation.

            1. re: dinwiddie

              Thanks for all the suggestions! I will look into the choices and let you know where we end up going! (It's in a couple weeks still.)

              1. re: shells0418

                My husband and I ended up going to Iron Bridge Wine Company. We both enjoyed the food and wine! I would recommend it, it is nice if you want something different.

          2. asean bistro,columbia,md