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May 1, 2007 12:13 PM

The Best Chai or Green Tea Lattes in Manhattan!

I like the Green Tea Lattes at Soy Luck Club and Sympathy for the Kettle, but I haven't had good luck with chai's. Any suggestions for either of them?

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  1. i haven't tried many chai's around town, but the one they have at pret a manger (yep the chain) is surprisingly descent. they brew it with just the tea/spices and steamed milk, and you can add your own sugar. i don't like the places that use a mix or a syrup that is already sweetened (usually much too sweet).

    1. Tavalon tea on E.14th Street has some very good and innovative teas,etc.worth a trip

      1. I thought the chai at Joe's Cafe wasn't bad (off University Place on 13th St?)