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May 1, 2007 11:50 AM

Filipino Catering/Take-Out??

I'm having a BBQ for 40-50 and want to supplement what I'm cooking with some Filipino food (Lumpia, Pancit, etc). Any suggestions for a restaurant that also caters, or does large size take-out? The winner gets invited!

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    1. Why Cook Restaurant & Bakery
      2121 W. Guadalupe Rd. (@Dobson)
      Mesa, AZ 85202
      Tel: 480-491-2545

      Eggroll Lumpia Factory
      2986 N. Alma School Rd.(@ Elliot)
      Chandler, AZ

      1. There's a place on 35th and Dunlap that I've eaten at, that was very good. I know they do takeout... they'd probably do catering too. Unfortunately, since I only get up to Phoenix occasionally, I can't seem to remember the name. Any of the PHX crowd know the place I'm talking about?