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May 1, 2007 11:40 AM

I-10/Baton Rouge Hot BBQ/Greasy Spoon

Beautiful southerners,

I am taking a road trip very soon riding I-10 through LA and Baton Rouge. Does anyone know of any good ol' home cookin', Americana, greasy spoon restaurants along the way or in the general BR area? let me know!! thanks!!

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  1. Not sure I can help on barbecue, which is not really a south Louisiana specialty.

    Joe's Dreyfuss Store, in Livonia, west of Baton Rouge, is quite good. A ways (15-20 miles) off the highway.

    It's been a millenium since I've been to Pat's in Henderson, also between BR and Lafayette. Maybe someone else can wade in. There are some other seafood/crawfish places in Henderson, quite close to the interstate

    Also in Lafayette, Olde Tyme Grocery or Chris' for poboys.

    1. good bbq in BR:
      Big Jakes on Nicholson is pretty good
      Voodoo on Drusilla is also good
      Brothers BBQ on Government is good but only cooks for lunch on the weekdays
      Jays BBQ, also on Government, is pretty fine

      Christina's, off Government, Downtown is good, great biscuits and white gravy.
      If you are here on a weekday, try RIverside Patty on 3rd Street for a great burger during lunch time.
      Avoyelles on 3rd also has good regional food "on the line" during lunch

      Good Seafood:
      The Chimes
      Phil's Oyster Bar

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        If you enjoy Cajun, try this. Excellent food and great atmosphere.

      2. Some years ago I ate a small restaurant near Breaux Bridge La. ,the locals there pointed me to it,i believe the place was called Dean's, it is close to I-10,and not to far from the Landry's seafood in B B , this little place had absolutely killer food,and very friendly service....try the Stuffed shrimp,and the Frog legs...excellent!

        1. One more place ,i forgot to mention, the Tiger Truckstop, yeah it looks like a dump, but the food is really good,and cheap...good home made pies too