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May 1, 2007 11:28 AM

Partner's Bistro in Laguna Beach? recent diners?

Looking for a hip bistro for dinner in the Laguna Beach area...I've never tried Partner's. Any opinions?

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  1. I wouldn't consider it particularly hip - romantic with ok food. Hip - Tabu, Hush, 230 Forest, Zoolu (somewhat), Mozambique upstairs.

    1. I do like Partners quite a bit when the jazz is playing, very good vibe which I prefer over "hip" places like Hush. Just don't sit upstairs.

      1. I went with some friends about a month ago. My fish was good, but the duck my friend ordered was woefully undercooked to the point of almost being raw. Gorgonzola mac n cheese was ok, but I like my mac n cheese REALLY cheesy. Went to the little gelato spot right down the alley for dessert and was more impressed by that than by Partner's.

        On the plus side, the cook and staff were very friendly and accomodating.