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May 1, 2007 11:22 AM

winery's around Beamsville

I will be heading out from Niagara towards Michigan and I would love to stop at a winery on my way. I have read a lot about them in the area but I was wondering if you could recommend one in particular as I won't have enough time to stop at many. Also, if one has really good dining that would be great as well.

Thank you

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  1. There are two with fairly decent restaurants that come to mind. Peninsula Ridge is close to Beamsville, and Vineland Estates is a little bit further afield. If you want to go closer to Niagara on the Lake, there's Strewn, Peller and Hillebrand. All have websites with menus. Enjoy!

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      I agree that Peninsula Ridge is a good choice if you are looking for the winery-restaurant combo. If you are interested in winery-only, then Mountain Road Wine Co. and Fielding are excellent family-run wineries.

      There is a bistro that opened a couple of months back in neighbouring Vineland called About Thyme. It offers nice comforting food at reasonable prices with a good local wine list.

      Hope this helps.

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        I'd recommend featherstone and Calamus for wine tasting- but I realize we're getting a lengthy list here and you may not have time....Peninsula ridge is prolly the best food/wine combo-

    2. Our favourite winery in that area is Fielding Estate. Great wines with a great view from the lodge.
      Don't think they do dinners or not but the appetizers we had there during the wine festival were fantastic.


      1. Go to Thirty Bench for an AMAZING Riesling tasting. The best of Ontario and in all honesty, North America, for Riesling. The "Thirty Bench" regular has one numerous awards as have some of their 3 single vineyard Rieslings - Triangle being my personal fave. No resto here as it's a tiny place.

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          and the booze filled chocolates they sell are great after you've done a few tastings- I always fall prey.

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            Oh, my mouth is watering thinking about those chocolates....

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                The DH has rquested that the planning get started for a return to NOTL. (among other locations) any suggestions for an overnight trip? :)

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            JCanncuk - I'm trying to decide on wine for my wedding and I'm leaning towards Thirty Bench. Would you also recommend their red? Thanks.

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              Not that I want to steal jcanncuk's thunder, but I tried the 2005 Thirty Bench Red in a tasting on Monday, and thought it was quite good. Its drinking nicely right now with a black cherry/ raspberry compote/milk chocolate character, but has the stuffing to warrant some mid-term aging. A good medium-to-full body Niagara red indeed! Also try the Et Ceteras Red from 13th Street Wine Co., Strewn Three, Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon from Mountain Road, Reserve Baco from Henry of Pelham, and Reserve Merlot from Pillitteri.

              I know Thirty Bench riesling gets a lot of great press (and rightly so, as they are very good wines), but a less expensive, and just as good in my opinion, wine is the 2006 Old Vines Riesling from Featherstone. An exceptional riesling at under $15!!

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                Thanks NWG! That's good to know. I wanted to keep my choice of wine local. So that's a great suggestion.

          3. Malivoire is great (between Vineland and Beamsville). Make sure to pick up a bottle of their rosemary wine syrup, excellent for glazes, sauces, salad dressings and dessert (esp. with fresh berries).

            Also, not in Beamsville, but check out Cave Spring cellars in Jordan (and stop at On the Twenty for dinner too!). I can't compare their reisling to Thirty Bench as I haven't tried Thirty Bench, but Cave Spring reisling is awesome, and very affordable. Try the late harvest reisling too! They also have a nice gamay noir.

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              Re. dining - I ate at Treadwell in Port Dalhousie last night. Wow. It was amazing. The setting is great (right on the water), the resto is lovely, the service informed and friendly, and the food excellent. I'll post a more detailed review later this week. We had the 6 course tasting menu ($75 wo wine, $110 with paired wine) and it was really, really delic. I recommend it highly - lots of local flavour and excellent wine pairings.