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May 1, 2007 11:12 AM

Viks Chaat Corner from Berkeley in NYC?

When I lived in the Bay area, I was obsessed with this amazing chaat house called Viks Chaat Corner. I would go every weekend to fight the crowds, wait on a long line and order from their long menu of treats. A long wait to guess which was my name that was being called indecipherably on the loud speaker, sharing a table with an Indian family of 9 and eating the most delicious food around was all part of the ritual. And all under $6!!!

I was especially addicted to the lamb baida roti and the bhatura cholle with chick pea curry and mango pickle. The samosa cholle was amazing as well.

Any ideas where I can get the same delicious cheap food and fun experience in NYC?

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  1. Saravanaas on Lexington and 26th St. has chole batura. They have a lot of other fun South Indian foods on the menu. It's vegetarian, so there won't be any lamb there though.


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      P.S. Viks Chaat was the best. Haven't been there in years, but loved the warehouse atmosphere.

    2. If you are feeling adventurous ...

      You can take the PATH train to Jersey City and go to Little India. This is a shopping district for working class South Asians at the end of Newark Ave. You will find your chaat experience there.

      You take the PATH from World Trade Center three stops in the direction of Newark to Journal Square and then just walk a couple blocks past the Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall to get there. The PATH ride is fifteen minutes from Manhattan. You'll walk another ten minutes.

      More info here:

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        Sort of off topic for these boards Dosa Hut has now been usurped by Dosa House, the latter is a few doors down (further west) and is packed with people. I think it is better too but I havent done a side-by-side. Dosa House is also veg.

      2. Hi solarlane,
        I too loved Vik's in Berkeley. I recall eating their delicious chaat outside on the curb when no tables were available, and with the flimsiest plastic spoons they give out! LOL. anyway, i've also been meaning to seek out some similar places in manhattan. i recently found this article in the nytimes about chaat that listed two places that might be worth trying: Sukhadias and Dimple. good luck!

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          Haven't tried dimple, but the chaat at Sukhadia's is excellent. Really excellent. I've only been on weekdays, though. I've heard a few reports that on weekends, the food suffers from lower turnover rates.

          Sukhadia's is on w. 45th between 5th and 6th.

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            Not spoons, but SPORKS!!! Man, do I miss that place. No, there's nothing like it in Manhattan.

          2. If you're looking for chaat, I think that Dimple is the best you can do in the city. It's on w29th or 30th just off 5th avenue.

            1. i saw viks and my heart rate went up!!!!...the best..without reading any further i mistakenly thought viks had appeared in new such luck but try is also an interesting experience...