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May 1, 2007 11:05 AM

Best happy hours in Philly?

It has been a rough day and I could use some happy! Please, Chowhounders, what are your favorite places to happy hour in Philly? Center City is preferable, and you don't have to limit it to Tuesdays (I've heard something about an awesome spread at Striped Bass on Fridays...?). Thanks in advance!

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  1. In Center City:

    best deal: mcgillins
    best girly martinis: continental
    best margaritas: tequilas
    best outdoor seating: rouge or brasserie perrier
    best friday spread: stripped bass
    best early bird happy hour deals (4:30-6): mccormick and shmicks
    best 80s drinks: alfa
    best beer selection: monks
    best bar and bar food: good dog
    best brewery (although that isn't saying much): nodding head (they offer NO specials)

    1. Saturninus's list is a great start. I'd also add the Sansom St. Oyster House, if you like seafood. They usually have one type of oysters or clams for ridiculously cheap ($2.50 for half doz), several other $5 food specials and a wine and beer special.

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        I'll chime in with Rae. $3 lagers, $5 glasses of wine, a huge cheese/meat spread and a specially priced appetizer.

        Sorta on the topic...where can I have a mint julep while watching the Derby?

      2. Thanks to all for the great suggestions. I'd love to check out this mythic Friday spread at Striped Bass - are the drink prohibitively expensive?

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            Hmm, I'll have to run a cost-benefit analysis on that one...

        1. tampopo (jewelers row) has 30% off sushi M-F 5:30-7. Not sure though if their other location has it.
          also, Mortons used to have free filet sandwiches & $5 martinis at the bar area on Fridays, but might no longer do this.

          1. independence brewpub gets my vote for $3 drafts (LOVE the kolsch... it's so rare to find and they do it really well) and $3 bar menu.

            monks is always fab, but also always super-crowded.